“In Television No One Can Hear You Scream”: Disney Makes Surprise “Alien” Television Series Announcement

It’s raining Aliens this week at Vents as ye olde investigative reporter navigates through a busy week for the evergreen franchise: Fresh off of our announcement earlier in the week about the popular science fiction/horror series getting the Marvel Comics treatment in its very own ongoing comic book comes the news from our super-copasetic cousins at Bloody Disgusting that the  franchise popularized by the likes of Ridley Scott and James Cameron is now taking a page out of the Star Wars book (i.e. see the Star Wars TV spinoff The Mandalorian) by invading the landscape of television with all new and scary adventures.

 As if press-time the series is sans a title (although my money is on- wait for it – Alien. What, you think they’re gonna go with Predator?), but what meager bread crumbs of information we do have is solid and comes directly from last night’s Disney Investor Day. Yes Dorothy, there is such a creature, and from the horse’s (or is that “mice” since we’re dealing with Disney?) mouth we do know that this new television series is set squarely within the Alien universe which, at last count, includes films, comics, video games and, for all I know, Alien Underoos. Ouch. The new series is set to premiere through FX on Hulu and none other than Noah Hawley of Fargo fame will be developing the film series for television.

 A new twist for the long-in-the-tooth Alien series is that it will be set on good ol’ Terra Firma. That’s Earth to you and me, cowboys and cowgirls. This is a neat bit indeed, as the entire canon of Alien films up to this point take place firmly in space.

 What does FX have to say about this very interesting bit of news? Funny you should ask Dear and Constant Readers. Per a statement, FX says that fans should “expect a scary thrill ride set not too far in the future here on Earth…By blending both the timeless horror of the first Alien film with the non-stop action of the second, it’s going to be a scary thrill ride that will blow people back in their seats.”

 To carry forth the pedigree of the original films, Alien guru and all-around directing legend Ridley Scott is apparently in conversation to jump aboard as an executive producer to the new show.

 So tally-ho all of you Alien hunters…It looks like there’s some juice left in the Alien saga after all.

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