Food Blogger Charisse Yu Has Made Her Mark With Stop Motion Snapshot Recipe Videos

If you’ve heard of the name Charisse Yu, then you have either seen her on TV, online, or both. That’s because this flourishing food blogger was also, until ten years ago, a TV reporter and journalist. However, she decided to change her career path and follow her true passion: cooking. For her, it was the best decision she ever made.

Not only did she have time to spend with her two little boys, but she also got to make all of the delicious meals she has wanted to make for years. She was sitting on a pile of recipes from when she grew up with a number of skilled cooks in her family.

Charisse has developed quite the following. On her Instagram page, she has close to 400,000 followers, while her Pinterest boards see over a million monthly viewers. She is even seeing her blog’s traffic skyrocket. Since the pandemic has been rough on many, with millions losing their jobs or having heightened levels of stress, food has become the go-to comfort stress reliever. Thankfully, people like Charisse are foodies who know exactly what will hit the spot.

There’s something unique about Charisse’s angle that you won’t find other food bloggers taking. It involves stop motion videos. Charissse has become known for making snapshot videos lasting 10-15 seconds that are comprised using thousands of photos. It almost looks like a seamless video, except there is a unique flair to it that really enhances the entire viewing experience.

Some say she’s a stop motion magician. She has become so good at it, that she is now branching out to make stop motion animation videos for the lifestyle niche. After all, it’s a niche that she has been slowly easing herself into as well. She wants to ultimately become someone who is able to dispense holistic and well-rounded advice that can improve peoples’ lives in every area.

Charisse is a true foodie. When she’s not making delicious meals at home, she’s eating out at restaurants. In fact, she loves going out and trying new culinary deliciousness. She loves it when others cook for her because it gives her a much-needed break!

Her love of food evolved early on to include cooking at home since it’s not always feasible to eat out with little ones. As any parent knows, they can be a bit challenging when out in public places surrounded by crowds of people.

Besides food, Charisse loves to travel. In fact, she’s been to over two dozen countries already. While the lockdowns related to the pandemic have slowed down her travels, she plans to dive right back into it once things are safe and open again. She loves travel so much that she has also begun sharing more travel-related content with her rapidly-increasing audiences.

Charisse is a wealth of inspiration, so be sure to check out her Instagram and Pinterest pages, as well as her blog to keep up with the latest from her.

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