Tanner VanValkenburg’s Online Course Teaches How To Grow A Brand Based On His Experience Creating A Six-Figure Business Off Instagram In Less Than Seven Months

The world has not been the same since the creation of the internet. And life continues to change. There are new ways to learn and to make a living. Activities that once were hobbies are now sources of multi-million dollar incomes. 

Tanner VanValkenburg, a 25-year-old, created a six-figure business in less than seven months while traveling around the world. He dropped out of film and photography school at age 23 to follow his passion and start his own business using Instagram. He was motivated by the goal to spend more time with his family and travel whenever he wanted to. 

I left film and photography school at the age of 23 to start my own online Instagram business. I knew I didn’t want to work for anyone but myself and that was the best decision I ever made. I decided to pursue my passion for photography and Instagram! At first, the Instagram business was crazy trying to figure out how to make money just from an app on your phone. Then I figured out how to monetize and make massive income just off instagram , Now I have created a six-figure online business using only Instagram and it took me less than seven months, while being able to travel around the world shooting for multi-million dollar companies and brands I have been able to grow millions of followers on Instagram with all the different accounts I run and manage.” Tanner shares.

Tanner has also been able to help some of the top entrepreneurs grow from no followers to 100,000 organic followers in less than eight months. But he does not keep his secrets to himself, and also trains and advises individually on how to grow brands and businesses. 

I also teach students who want to learn how to make a full-time income from Instagram and quit their 9 to 5 jobs.  If they do everything I teach in less than 12 months, they can work full-time in the program.” Tanner says.

Tanner’s business has four parts. First, there is the consulting and mentoring, where he teaches businesses and entrepreneurs one-on-one how to grow and make money with Instagram. Second, there is a full course on how to grow from 0 to 100K organic followers. Third, there is the agency side where he grows the account of businesses or individuals hands-off for the client. Lastly, he has a team that grows accounts and then sells them off to brands or business owners.

“My advice to anyone trying to start their own business is to get a mentor. That is the first step! Pick one that is doing way bigger and better numbers than everyone else. It will require an investment to have them teach you and work with you, but it will be worth it.” Tanner adds. “Don’t give up, keep trying. If you work hard and follow people who you look up to, you will get there. It takes time to build a business and you won’t make a million dollars in your first day. As a business owner, you need to keep  learning and improving your skills. This year I’ve spent over 30K on different programs that taught me how to scale my business. Make sure to invest into yourself.”

Through his course, Tanner teaches a tested model that helps sell coaching, services and products. The program goes step by step on how to grow an audience and have daily sales on Instagram.

“Other people sell you false followers and promise you the world. I keep it real and honest. It’s all about growing accounts organically and the right way.  I’d rather have an  Instagram account that has 10,000 legitimate followers who will see and buy your products, than 500,000 who are either not real and don’t buy or engage on your content.  If you follow the guidelines of my program consistently, you will see significant growth in your instagram account  .” Tanner explains.

Tanner’s next projects include scaling his online course to seven figures and training over 100 companies and individuals to grow their Instagram accounts into a full time career.

Find out more about Tanner and his projects here.

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