Producer Imisc Releases New EDM Joint With “Love Me Too” ft. J.O.Y

Talented German producer  Imisc is back with yet another powerful EDM anthem with R&B singer J.O.Y. The two have already collaborated successfully in the past for the release of “Dancing Baby.” The track had an epic success within those appreciating electro dance music, and since its release, people were waiting for something new from the talented duo. Kudos to them; they did not make us wait too long. 

The new release titled “Love Me Too” is an emotional banger that will send caressing shivers down your spine with its soulful beats, otherworldly melodicism, and emotional maturity. The dance-pop energy to the song is overshadowed by a heartbreaking songwriting. The text approaches the theme of love as if in a conversation with the one they address the lyrics to: “When will you love me too.” The question is repeated during the whole course of the song, becoming the core of it. 

“Love Me Too” is an absolute must-listen for EDM lovers, and it will definitely touch the hearts of those beyond the genre. The multilayered perfectionist approach to production is nothing new for those familiar with Imisc’s art. The previous releases of “Magic,” “What I Regret,” “Parachute,” and of course “Dancing Baby” made it already clear that whenever the producer drops something new, it will be an epic sonic experience but “Love Me Too” exceeds all the expectations.

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