Can too much exercise be bad for men’s love life?

Exercise is often quoted as a fool-proof way to deal with almost any of our problems. Exercise helps us in incorporating some physical activities in our life so that our bodies can easily digest the food that we eat. It also helps in burning the excess energy that is produced by our body and is stored in the form of excessive fat in various parts of our bodies such as our belly, thighs, and buttocks.

Exercise also keeps our blood circulating properly so that our hearts are healthy and men are able to have successful erections due to proper blood circulation in the penile region. In fact, men who are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction are advised to take up some form of exercise to improve their blood circulatory system along with the use of medications such as Cenforce 100.

Exercise also helps stay in a good shape so that they appear physically attractive to their partner and the sexual chemistry between them remains exciting and passionate.

Exercise has been also shown to increase a man’s sexual drive and give them stronger erections, which is why men who suffer from weaker erections upon arousal are suggested to include physical activities, especially sports or games along with erectile dysfunction medications such as Vidalista 20.

So if exercise makes a man physically stronger, more appealing sexually, gives him stronger erections, increases his stamina, and even makes his mood better and increases his sexual drive, then how can it ever be bad for his love life?

We agree that there’s a lot of good happening in a man’s life due to the extra hours spent sweating in gyms or the extra miles crossed by running, walking or even playing sports which have won him many tropics.

But there is a specific time when too much of a good thing starts to overpower the other areas of your life and instead of giving you the pleasure of the benefits, you start to experience its negative consequences.

The same thing happens with exercise and men who spend most of their time doing nothing but exercise and pushing their body to its extreme limits day in day out.

What happens to a man’s body if he spends most of his time in exercise?

Almost all of us are aware of all the benefits of exercises and various physical activities that a man gets but most people are not much aware of the negative consequences that can come with excessive exercise.

Nowadays, most of us see exercise as a good thing and want to do it as much as we can to keep up with our goals of an Instagram body or to have muscles and a toned body just like the current poster boy.

But is such fad-following actually good for your physical health and your love life?

We will talk about the effects of exercise on a man’s health and his love life specifically, in brief.

The first and foremost drawback of excessive exercise is tiredness which can turn into fatigue with time. Now it is normal for a beginner to feel tired and have aches and sore muscles during the first 2-3 days of exercise or physical activities. But if you are constantly tired and missing out on activities such as playing with your kids or not able to work or focus on the tasks at hand or feel drowsy day in day out, then it can be because you are exercising way too much.

Fatigue can also disturb your sleep cycle and can have a direct impact on your mood, and cause you to become more aggressive, quick to anger, and increase your irritability. Needless to say, it is quite difficult to maintain a loving relationship with your partner if you are constantly angry. If you are constantly tired, your libido will also become weak.

A weaker sexual drive leads to weaker erections, which you may have to treat with medications such as Kamagra oral jelly, and this temporary problem with erections can result in permanent erectile dysfunction if the root cause is not treated or eradicated in time.

Apart from these factors, there’s another primary reason why exercises and extreme physical activities have an impact on a man’s sexual health, and it is the production of the male sex hormone testosterone.

We know that a person, (both men and women) have a higher sexual drive due to the presence of testosterone, and exercise does improve your sexual drive if you do light to moderate exercise, even pushing your physical limits is alright if you allow your body enough time to recover from the strain.

But doing too many exercises makes your body produce adrenaline, which is wonderful for that excited high that we feel, but it also signals our body that we are in some sort of danger. When our brain thinks we are in danger, everything else, including our sexual drive takes a back seat. Thus most of the people who are professional bodybuilders suffer from low testosterone levels even if their bodies are strong.

Thus men must watch out to strike a balance between their physical activities and their resting hours to enjoy the sweet bliss of lovemaking to its fullest.

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