The Shady Business of Unofficial Paid Spotify Promotion Websites

If you aspire to be a great musician, Spotify is a great platform to start with, grow your brand, get followers, and even increase plays of your songs. However, getting through to the top list can be an uphill climb with so many artists that have already established a huge following. You do not have to despair, though, as you can buy Spotify plays and make it to the top fast and in a genuine way.

Be careful, though, as not every site that promises to get you plays is legitimate. Here is what you need to know before engaging any Spotify promotion website. 

Knowing Who to Run To and Who to Run Away From

It is a race, and everyone wants to hit the finish line first. However, before you entrust any website to run the show, why not pay attention to some details. It would be best if you found out who is real and who is fake so that your account does not fall into the category of blacklisted ones.

It is for that reason that Bumped addresses buying Spotify plays from genuine sites to avoid getting scammed. As you read the review, you will see a list of genuine websites that you can trust. Choose the one that resonates with your needs. Some of the companies offer you more than Spotify plays as they help you build your brand on other social media platforms. 

The beauty of using trusted companies is that you do not have to wait forever to get the plays and streams, as a day is enough to get things rolling in your favor. They are also secure in their dealings and help your account grow organically. Fake websites will promise you more plays at a cheaper price, but you may get suspended or blacklisted, making you lose out or having your music not getting the airplay it deserves. 

Dimming Your Star Before It Even Shines

You may be tired of building your music brand from scratch, and your patience may be waning. You may then opt to buy plays and see how your small following turns into a massive one. Not too fast, there are numerous sites selling promotion services, but not every one of them is genuine.  

Spotify can blacklist or suspend any artist if they notice you have been using fraudulent means to increase plays. A legitimate company will offer you organic growth by connecting your music to real people who will listen to the music and market it to lovers of that music genre, especially from its country of origin. An illegitimate site will be using a bot to get your music streaming for 30 seconds, but in reality, no one is listening to your music, meaning you do not gain real fans. What is the use of plays if no one is listening to your creation you spent the time to build?

Doing the Best You Can 

Before buying plays and streams, why not play your part effectively? It all starts with you coming up with great music, working on your bio, having an active online presence, and posting high-quality photos. These social marketing strategies are key to taking your music career to a higher level. 

Being visible is also important, and that is when you need to look for legitimate companies to buy plays from. As your fan base grows, be there to engage with them by sending links to your releases and giving updates on your live performances’ schedules.

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