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Meet Sabathil An Independent Hip-Hop Artist Who Announces A Great Promising Message For The Industry

An independent hip-hop artist Melvin Acquaah better known as Sabathil is announcing a renewed commitment to an alternative promising message in his hip-hop music. Sabathil knew that he wanted to impact the world and changed the things he thought were wrong. There are quite a few things that are unique about him. He feels like he needs to bring Hip-Hop music back to its original roots, and that’s pure emotion. 

Sabathil was born in the Bronx, New York raised in New Jersey. He says that he’s that type of entertainer who always knew that he wanted to change the world. Sabathil has been writing music for roughly 15 years, and he is focused on delivering a great message that carries the truth about Black history and Black culture. He says his approach is to capture people’s attention with his music and subliminally give them a dose of consciousness. Sabathil is confident that his audience would understand his subtle messages without being overly confronted about their history and the responsibility to the black community today.

Sabathil took his calling into the music industry by himself, signing

 his record label to have complete creative freedom and control to do as he pleased and never have to jump through hoops. He runs an entertainment label Sabathil. He independently signed himself so he can never jump the round of laws of a music contract. He will always strike an excellent business deal with whoever he wants to do business with the consensual agreement. About nearly 20 years ago, he and his brother Arizona artist Thaahum erupted into Arizona with great music sense together. Thaahum dubbed his brother Sabathil. These amazing dynamic brothers ventured out on their performances at shows throughout the Arizona hip-hop landscape. They boast opening for the group of Souls of Mischief, collaborating with film Director Adam Rifkin and also working with Jay and Silent Bob. They enjoyed a buzz outside of the indie hip-hop realm and intertwined their music with film comedy.

Sabathil’s latest release, Like Me, available on Youtube and Apple Music, opens with Ambient notes above mix an intro until the beat drops the track in a slow reminiscent of modern trap, old-school of hip-hop, and low subterranean bass.

It has not been all comfortable living for Sabathil, however, at the beginning of his journey. He had to face a lot of struggles to get people to trust in his visions and dreams. Sabathil was very confident about his ability to change the industry. But still, he had to convince others of my thing. His next project will be a huge one, but he needs to keep it quiet now and take it one step at a time. He stills on that natural high over the success of his single “Like Me.” Sabathil will be collaborating with a prominent artist soon.

To find out more about Sabathil you can follow him on his Instagram and do support him…

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