The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Ethical Hacking

Digitization is changing the world at an incredibly fast pace. Everything from entertainment to business and communication is constantly being impacted by consumer’s demand for rapid delivery of satisfactory service. This transformative era is also bringing with it considerable challenges. The threat to people’s and businesses’ private information is greater than ever before and so is the need for Cybersecurity solutions.

Today, tech companies have developed state-of-the-art AI-powered cybersecurity solutions to aid ethical hackers. You might be wondering why there is such a big push to develop security systems today.

Well, in today’s digital age simply downloading antivirus software is not enough to keep your system secure. There is a need to allocate resources to consistently monitor the security situation of a company’s network, systems, and database. Nowadays, we have tools to analyze loads of data that can come in handy while searching for loopholes in a network’s security infrastructure. That is why companies funded and developed state-of-the-art Cybersecurity solutions that are powered by AI and programmed by ethical hackers. AI systems can process a large amount of available data to predict and thwart any possible attack that might take place.

Why Is Cybersecurity Important?

The need for an A-powered security solution is more immediate when we take into consideration the sheer number of devices that can now be connected to the internet aided by 5G speeds.

Another area of concern is that hackers can now weaponize AI and use it to launch an automated cyberattack on a massive scale. The resources required for launching such an attack are low which makes it easier for a cybercriminal to undertake such an enterprise.

How Artificial Intelligence can Help?

Using Machine Learning algorithms can enable computers to analyze the data received and on the basis of insight from the data undertake the improvements required. This will enable computers to observe any anomalies and detect loopholes that can be exploited with a lot more accuracy than human hands. Additionally, the volume of attacks that are happening today on systems and networks can best be handled by AI only. Technology experts are also developing new ways to enhance and improve biometric authentication.

AI & ML algorithms are also capable of learning and creating a pattern of how a person usually uses his or her device and online platforms which include things like the number of times you log in and IP addresses.

If the AI algorithms notice any unusual behavior that falls outside the said pattern, the security systems will be ticked off and an additional authentication trigger will be initiated. These activities include large online purchases, delivery address changed to something other than yours, or a sudden change in typing speed. 

Wrap up!

Although AI and ML have become a very effective tool in the hands of malicious hackers, in the right hands it can also be put to a very different use. As AI capabilities improve in the future, we will witness ever more ways in which people’s digital security will be enhanced and their data will be protected. This is probably why this is the most exciting time to learn Cybersecurity with the help of an online course as this skill will be of immense value in the future.

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