Sony’s Upcoming “Metal Gear Solid” Movie Lands Actor Oscar Isaac

The Force is strong with Oscar Isaac: Per our nougat flavored muchachos at the ever-celebrated Hollywood Reporter, the Star Wars actor has scored the leading role in Sony’s highly anticipated film Metal Gear Solid.

 Metal Gear Solid is the Pac-Man of 2020; that’s to say that it’s an upcoming film based off of a very popular video game of the same name (although, to be fair, methinks Pac-Man never got beyond a Saturday morning cartoon adaptation). See how easy that was? Joining the ranks of other films based off of video games such as Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Bros., Resident Evil and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid is about special forces operative Solid Snake (played by Isaac) who is tasked with locating a so-called superweapon that is known as “Metal Gear.”

 Bringing it all together and making the magic happen in his most inimitable Nick Reve-like manner will be none other than director par excellence Jordan Vogt-Roberts of Successful Alcoholics and The Kings of Summer fame. The scripter with the mostest – Mr. Derek “Jurassic World” Connolly (who also wrote the script for another Vogt-Roberts directed film Kong: Skull Island) will be doing the writing honors on the adaptation, while Avi Arad is producing with Peter “Wrath of” Kang doing the overseer honors for Sony.

 Oscar Isaac has never made any secret out of his fandom for the Metal Gear Solid video game (which dates back to 1987) and has even gone as far as revealing his affinity for the game’s protagonist Solid Snake in various and sundry interviews over the years. After Isaac name-checked Solid Snake again in 2019 for an IGN interview, director Vogt-Roberts (apparently no relation to Julia) sent out an on-tune tweet, saying simply, “The ball’s in Oscar’s court.” With today’s news of Isaac’s casting, we at Vents can only say one thing: “Well played Mr. Vogt-Roberts. Well played, indeed.”

Oscar Isaac’s casting is a coup for the adaptation of Metal Gear Solid: The very much in-demand thespian has comic nerd’s tongues a-waggin’ with the recent news that he’s been tapped to act in the Marvel Studios series Moon Knight. Isaac has also been tapped to act in a take on writer Brian K. Vaughan’s comic book series Ex Machina. From there the actor who has apparently discovered an identical twin with acting chops of his own will do a deep-dive into the famous psyche of director Francis Ford Coppola in the film Francis and the Godfather. Waiting in the wings is the newest iteration of Dune which is a go for a December 2021 drop date.

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