Methods of Shaping the Eyebrows

Many women and even men are looking for the best answers on how to shape eyebrows with the best results to improve their beauty. To achieve perfect eyebrows, there are various things to consider before starting. One of the basic things to learn in this task includes the fundamental and common methods of eyebrow shaping.

What are the different methods you could use to get that perfectly defined brows? Will these methods work for you and guide you on your quest on how to shape eyebrows? Looking up ‘microblading methods’ or ‘microblading near me’ on the internet can only net you with more questions than answers as there are a variety of techniques on it, most women choose the method which is appropriate and effective. Moreover, you could determine which of these works depending on your beauty regimen, budget, and available time to allot.

Electrolysis – This is considered a permanent method of how to shape eyebrows. It is a method used to remove eyebrows or facial hair which may include three basic steps. The first type is through using galvanic electrolysis which damages the hair follicle through sodium hydroxide formation. The second method is thermolysis which overheats is the hair follicle to prevent hair from growing back. The last is a combination of the first two methods and is a much shorter hair removal method that uses an electrolysis needle to extract hair on your skin.

Eyebrow Waxing – this method on how to shape eyebrows is considered semi-permanent. Undergoing the process several times may eventually prevent hair from growing back. It is best to use both hot and cold waxes for simultaneous hair removal. It is the fastest way to create eyebrow shapes but it is quite difficult to control especially for those without experience.

Eyebrow Plucking – this is a much common and popular method on how to shape eyebrows since it is easy to do and you could just do it at home. Tweezers are generally used for this hair removal technique however it is also very tedious unless you have small stray hairs to remove. It is ideal for removing stray hairs but if you want to get rid of the unibrow or the hair in between your brows, waxing is a more suitable and less painful option.

Using Eyebrow Gel – this method uses brow defining products which usually look like clear mascara. Products and cosmetics help in the process on how to shape eyebrows through shaping the brows and holding them in place especially for unruly stray hairs. It is apparently non-permanent but is also pain-free.

You could find many other methods on how to shape eyebrows such as eyebrow threading or using eyebrow pencils, stencils, and trimmers, or clippers. Choose the best method to help you achieve those perfectly shaped brows without taking up too much of your time, energy, and money.

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