How to get rid of moths

Moths are quite innocuous by nature and actually quite discreet. In most cases people not no even realise they suffer a full blown moth infestation before moving a bit of furniture and finding a patch of bare carpet. Only then do they ask how to get rid of moths in the house.

Others like to make to distinction between types of moths; clothes moths and carpets moths when it is actually the same insect simply eating natural fibres whatever they may be, wherever they may be. So of course we would talk about clothes moths when our main concern is the cashmere the moths are eating. And we would ask for carpet moths when the first thing we noticed was moth larvae on the carpet.

How to get rid of moth in house

So really, the moth identification in this particular context do not matter so much. In most cases it is the common clothes moth, Tineola bisselliella. Occasionally it is a wilder type often linked to an infested tree in the garden. But the end result is the same, the resident facing the damage they cause, a the pest control company having to for a moth treatment, moth fumigation or full moth heat treatment.

The moth London problem is mostly down to how the houses are build as much as the natural environment. When a neighbour got carpet moths, they can easily fly aways, go through ceilings and spot light and end up in your home. Think about how moths are attracted to light at night. But if that was not enough, when I go visit clients at night and talk to them at the door, I often see them flying in through the door.

What do moths eat

In order to carry out an effective carpet moth treatment [] you need to be thorough. You not only need to treat the full carpet, but all the areas thoroughly. In some rooms where there is no carpet, there may still be a few moths flying and looking for stuff to eat.

Do moths eat clothes

Well any thing they can survive on, natural fibres and mostly animal fibres so wool and fur is very much what they go for. But to a lesser extent they would go for any dry food stuff if there is no better alternative. The only thing they need is the bare minimum of moisture into their food.

Suddenly sweat becomes a premium, a cup of juice that has drop on the carpet, any thing that will make that particular area more suitable for the moth larvae to thrive. I am the first one to wear a cardigan for the day and put it back in the wardrobe again, possibly only sending the thing to the dry cleaner after a few uses over a period of time that can span many months.

So you have it, carpet moths may start attacking your carpet, but before you know it they may suddenly become clothes moths become they found the cashmere jumper of your very attractive.

How to get rid of moth in a room

Some client would say I keep getting moths in my room and eventually identify a moth infestation being focused in one room only. It often is a spare room, an attic room where you would store stuff you seldom use. I remember a room full of down duvets, and  the clothes moths were every where. The carpet was infested, the clothes inside the wardrobes where covered with insect silks. You could see the minuscule moth larvae in instance.

Well we had to treat it to lower the level, we sprayed directly on clothes and duvet since they were all meant for the landfill, and after two weeks we carried out the full clearance in sealed bags, through the house, disposed of it all, and carried out the next moth pest control visit in a room devoid of carpet and clothes and belongings.

But the critical point no to miss here was the concern of not spreading the issue to other area of the house while you sort it out. More often that not, there may be some residual  moth activity that would have already escaped and already looking for good stuff to grab. And before you know it you may be back at it.

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