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How Cristo Noir hyped up Juul with his brand 12 Noir

Cristo Noir is a designer, creative director, content creator, and artist. He is the chief executive officer of 12 Noir, a brand he founded in 2018. The brand specializes in art and design and is known for creating the first-ever gold plated juul device. The brand sold luxury juul device kits including gold plated, silver, red, blue, and purple juuls. People wanted to have different colored devices because Juul Labs only made grey ones.

Once 12 Noir came out with the different colored shells and device kits, the brand blew up and sold out in the first couple of days. People from all over the world were using 12 Noir device kits. Celebrities like Lana Scolaro, Crea Tyler, Lucas Comin, Hella Sketchers, Molly O’Malia, and Wiggy were using 12 Noir juuls. 

12 Noir was able to bump the price of juul to $100 per device. This is extremely expensive compared to the regular juul selling for $20. People were going crazy and the devices were sold out every time a new color came out. At the end of the day you are paying the high quality and the artists creativity. 

Cristo Noir Hyped Up

The brand continues to grow and is selling products worldwide.

Buy the devices here:

Cristo Noir’s Instagram account:

Check out the brand’s instagram account here:

            12 Noir has big plans for 2020. There seems to be a new collection dropping in December. We will follow the brand advertising on Instagram and YouTube.


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