Essential restaurant equipment: key benefits of a stainless steel wall shelf

One of the most popular and sought types of commercial shelving available for foodservice businesses today are stainless steel floating shelves that are hung to the vertical wall and come in different dimensions, weight capacity, styles, and with an array of extra accessories, such as metal pot racks or bars for keeping kitchen tools. In the catalog of AmGoodSupply, you can find customized shelving solutions. Apart from storage items for your commercial space, you can also find a stainless steel prep table with wheels or a stationary table with an under-shelf, compartment or hand sinks, faucets, etc. High-quality equipment will surpass your expectations, and the excellent features of metal items will amaze you with its longevity.

But if a stainless steel table with casters, janitorial and utility sinks, gooseneck faucets are indispensable helpers in every busy kitchen, and no food establishment will be able to operate successfully without these cooking assistants, then what about metal floating shelves? Would such a purchase be appropriate, which space issues can it solve, or maybe it would be better to buy another material type? Let’s find out the main aspects of buying a stainless steel wall shelf and its top benefits.

Stainless steel wall shelf advantages

Multipurpose equipment. A wall shelve is highly-valuable for its wide area of application. You can place nearly everything on such a construction.Ingredients, sauce bottles, spices, glasses and coffee cups, measuring cups and spoons, mixing bowls and cutting boards. Everything depends on what items you want to keep within the reach. With a versatilefloating shelf, you will achieve ergonomic design goals that will improve the implementation of food prep processes.

Undisputed excellence of stainless steel. Generally, shelves can be manufactured from a variety of materials. The most popular are wood shelves. They are sturdy enough and eye-pleasing, and also if treated and maintained properly are durable. However, it can absorb moisture and liquids, so fungus and mildew will spread on the surface. Thus, wood won’t meet all needs of commercial spaces. Another type is a glass model that can add an aesthetic component. But it is more for private spaces where the beauty of the interior is a top priority. And since it is too breakable and fragile, glass shelves won’t withstand heavy daily use. However, a stainless steel wall shelf is still the most long-lasting solution for an extreme kitchen environment with high humidity levels, temperature fluctuation, steam effects, etc. It can withstand impact and damage. Moreover, no bacteria will grow on the steel surface due to its non-porous structure. Manufacturers offer easy to install metal shelves which you can attach on any level.

Safer storage area for kitchen items. You can safely store food, products, and ingredients since metal shelves are resistant to corrosion and rust, so the items you keep on the steel surface won’t be impacted by metal, as it can happen with aluminum, for example. Moreover, securely firmed solid wall shelves are great for locating heavyweight household appliances without risks of falling.

Invest in stylish and space-saving commercial equipment, and you will get amazing benefits. With steel shelves, you can reach a neat appearance and boost staff efficiency.

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