DissiNotRA. An Artist’s Guide to Happiness.

In an era full of independent artists, the question is: “Besides a carrying beat and good looks, why do I need to check out yet another one?”
Well, in the times we live in today; positivity, hope, empowerment and laughter are a real necessity to consume in order to stay mentally healthy. Given that a lot of lyrics in modern music are not only very negative, completely competition and materialism based; but also extremely obscene and offensive to minors and women; we are experiencing art that creates division in people. That, in addition to bad news all day is seriously something to be consumed with caution. That’s why discovering artists like DissiNotRA is like a fresh summer breeze. A truly heart opening and hope providing experience.
DissiNotRA. An artist that goes way beyond music! Besides having an outstanding vocal skill set that includes beatboxing and a nearly perfect imitation of a trumpet, DissiNotRA composes and produces all of her music by herself. On the flip side of NeoSoul and NuJazz, being a multi-instrumentalist, she writes all sorts of versatile music, from Jazz to Binaural-Beats. Even though her sound has oftentimes been squeezed into the Dilla, Timbaland, Kaytranada, Anderson Paak and Dwele category, DissiNotRA makes a great point in being brand new, and often ahead of her time. Lyrics that sometimes almost resemble chants or mantras and music for meditation add to a truly mind expanding journey. An exotic listening experience beyond rhythm and beat.
As a modern artist, DissiNotRA naturally has a YouTube and Instagram channel full of BeatMaking & Singing tutorials, Mysterious Story Times, Mysticism, BeatBoxing, Comedy and all around positivity. A must check out Artist whose music and content will leave you with a smile and tons of life hacks to happiness and manifestation powers…
You’re welcome. 😉 Or, to say it in DissiNotRA’s words: “Much love to everyone, stay focused and have a blessed NOW!”



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