Can CBD Help Athletes?

Studies suggest that CBD shows promise in helping athletes relieve stress, manage pain, and reduce inflammation without the side effects of marijuana.

First Up, what is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. A natural chemical compound found in cannabis’ flowers. It should be noted that, unlike THC, the other prevalent compound in the plant, CBD is non-euphoric and non-impairing, meaning it does not have psychoactive effects (associated with the feeling of getting “high”).

Researchers found many health benefits of CBD. It can help with a large number of diseases and medical conditions. But CBD benefits exceed mere disease-related use. The same properties that make CBD an excellent alternative as a therapeutic treatment can be beneficial for athletes as well. 

Pain Management

CBD is known primarily for its magical ability to ease physical pain and sensitivity, including musculoskeletal pain from intense workouts, as well as stiff joints. 

If treatment is not received after hard training, muscle strain and pain may develop, which can have a major impact on an athlete’s career. CBD helps increase pain’s threshold and ensures that the muscle cramps and pain are reduced. 

Current traditional methods of pain management are effective, but they aren’t natural. As a result, many athletes are turning to CBD in favour of other pills and treatments that produce nasty side effects or addiction.

Stress Relief

Athletes put different kinds of stress on their bodies. People often think about stress as something negative, but in some situations, stress is normal and a potentially life-saving response to fears. In fact, sometimes that stress can help athletes stay focused and motivated and can be fairly manageable.

However, in other situations, athletes’ stress can affect their performance or keep them from sleeping and eating properly. The most obvious is the stress and anxiety leading up to a big game or event, regardless of their skills, experience, or habits.

The real solution to stress is finding a way to deal with it in a healthy/natural way. Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. Athletes often use meditation to focus their energy and attention and eliminate the thoughts causing stress. But that process is not simple, in fact, meditation and other mindfulness techniques require hard work and a lot of time to spend on them.

That is where CBD can work wonders. CBD oil’s ability to greatly reduce the impact of stress and anxiety may prevent burnout, making it perfect for athlete’s daily stress and anxiety, and helping them perform at their best.

Reduce Inflammation

A little bit of inflammation is actually a good thing and can be also good for athletes to simulate positive training adaptations. However, chronic inflammation can lead to pain, sickness and weight gain, hurting fast recovery and performance. 

Many athletes have been consuming anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen for decades, but they may not be as safe as one were. Long-term or frequent use can lead to a high risk of renal damage, heart attack and stroke.

Studies and anecdotal experience have shown that CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect by reducing cell proliferation. Simply put, CBD’s properties are complex enough to help down the response when the immune system sounds the alarm after intensive training, and they ensure that the inflammation experienced is just the needed one. 

Unlike traditional medicine, CBD is a more holistic and natural approach, and just by using a small amount of cream or oil it is enough to make a huge difference.

Sport stars endorse CBD for athletes

A growing number of athletes are enjoying the benefits of CBD for muscle recovery, chronic pain, anxiety, sleep, and others. In fact, athletes have been using CBD products for years, longer than everyone imagines.

Many sports stars such as Mike Tyson and Steve Kerr endorse CBD and confessed – a long time ago – that they use it on a daily basis. It helps them keep on track with everything, fighting against chronic pain due to intensive years of excessive exercise.

Also, CBD is gaining popularity in MMA (mixed martial arts). Plenty fighters started using oils or creams for their recovery and pain relief, with sponsorships by large CBD companies around the world. Recently, Nate Diaz was spotted with a CBD vape pen during a press conference after a fight.

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