Why Foreign Degree Evaluations is More Important than Students Think

If you dream of studying in the United States, you aren’t alone. You share this dream with millions of students from around the world. It won’t be wrong to state that the United States is the most sought after destination for education especially when it comes to specializations and higher learning. The Universities and the Colleges in America regularly rank among the best in the world. A research and creativity backed system, the country has played a leading role in the fields of science, technology, innovation and business over the last century and its preeminence is likely to stay for decades to come.

Millions of students from across every corner of the world aspire to study in the US. Hundreds of thousands of students apply for different courses and thousands among get through. However there are many more students who experience heart breaks as they fail to make the cut for undergraduate, graduate, or professional schooling. It isn’t always the lack of grades or other academic grounds that lead to students not securing admissions in the United States. This can be hard to swallow for the students.

Why Foreign Degree Evaluations Are Important?             
It is often the lack of professional foreign degree evaluations that acts as the barrier between foreign students and their education goals in the United States. One can easily avoid this by getting their degrees evaluated and verified by professionals. While these services are easily available and used by thousands of students, the lack of knowledge about these services often prevents hundreds of foreign students from using them. This is surely the biggest mistake many students make when applying to the institutions in the United States.

It is a known fact that no two academic systems work alike and their degrees can’t be taken on face value by the colleges, universities and the professional licensing boards in the United States. Given the overwhelming number of applications that these universities receive from foreign students every year it is nearly impossible for these institutions to minutely evaluate these applications and supporting documents. This often results in applications being rejected on technical grounds when there are discrepancies. You can bypass this flow using foreign degree evaluations. Let us now take you through reasons why it is advisable for every foreign student to use foreign degree evaluation services.

Document Authentication Is Given Lot of Weightage     
As someone who has a genuine degree or certificate in hand you aren’t likely to realize the importance of document verification. But you must bear in mind that students from hundreds of countries are applying for admission in the United States. Many of these degrees used to apply for admissions aren’t legit or have been procured using dubious means. From impersonating others to manipulating credentials, there are students who have tried dubious means in the past to get admission in US universities. This is the reason most institutions have stringent document verification process. Along with the fraudsters several genuine candidates have also become victim of this scrutiny due to clerical oversights or issues with translations.

It is also important for you to bear in mind that certificates from every country in the world aren’t given the same weightage. Students from countries that have a dubious record with corruption in education often suffer the most. Authentication of documents is one of the fundamental benefits of foreign degree evaluations. When students get their documents evaluated by licensedservice providers it speeds up the processing of these documents by the academic institutions.

Genuineness of the Documents
How many students with dubious degrees would get their credentials evaluated? You aren’t likely to find many who would be willing to increase the risk of their fake degrees getting exposed. Hence, it is only the genuine candidates that opt for foreign degree evaluations to increase their odds of securing admissions to these universities. The universities are of course aware of this trend and hence serving evaluated reports along with your application improves your odds of securing admission. While this isn’t a rule written in any paper this is surely a trend that is hard to overlook.

Verification of Translation          
As we have already mentioned students from all across the globe apply for admission to US colleges and universities. In many cases the academic documents possessed by these students aren’t in the English language and the original certificates are accompanied by English translations. The slightest of oversights and unintentional errors in these translation copies can jeopardize your hopes of securing admissions into the course you want or the University of your Choice. Foreign degree evaluations include thorough verification of the translation where important things such as the grades, dates, course names etc. are verified to identify and amend any inconsistency in the original degree and their English translation.

Work Experience Evaluations    
Work Experience is an important criterionwhen it comes to admission to courses of higher learning. And this is where most of the discrepancies occur as the roles, titles and the kind of employment can very between different countries. Your application to a prestigious university can be turned down if the university isn’t able to evaluate your experience. This is where it becomes important for you to get your work experience professionally evaluated. The detailed report from these evaluators combines all your relevant professional experience with academic coursework and map it against US bachelor’s or master’s equivalence. This eases the job for the universities as they can easily grade your work experience and review your eligibility for the program that you have applied for. These detailed evaluation reports have all aspects of your career including your formal education, certifications, work experience and the different training programs you have undergone.

To sum up you can clearly see the importance and benefits of getting your foreign degree evaluated by a professional service provider. It is however extremely important for you to find a Immigration & Education Specialist that is approved by the United States Department of Education and whose credential evaluations are accepted by the top universities in the United States. 

Summary: In this write-up we look at the importance of foreign degree evaluations and how students can benefit by getting their degree and other documents evaluated.

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