Mamirosetv: A self-made YouTuber and Influencer

In this world of technology, it is not easy and simple to entertain others. But some people have made it possible by using their wisdom and skills. These days, social media is a huge platform that offers exclusive fun and activities to all internet users. No doubt, people are smartphone users, and they use social media for different objectives. YouTube is a solid platform on which people use to upload their videos on a variety of niches. They design all these topics as per their skills and expertise. Similar is the case with the Mami Rose.

About the Celebrity

Have you ever heard about her? She is a famous Dominican influencer who has attained millions of views on social media. All her videos are unique and amazing and have made her popular on social media. So, you can view her videos and subscribe to her on MamiRoseTv. You will love watching her videos that are about her routine activities and some prank videos too. She has gained immense popularity in the world and enjoys the celebrity’s worth on social media and traditional media. Her huge fan bank is proof of her popularity. Her username on Instagram is mamirosetv.

Personal life

In 2005, she came to the USA. Mami Rose was born in Moca, Dominican Republic. Being a mother of two children, she is highly caring and protective of her children. Her two sweet kids are the center of her life. The elder one is eleven years old, and the little one is seven years old. We discuss them because they are the parts of her videos. After all, her fans love to watch them in these videos. However, her elder child does not want to be a part of the videos, but the little one is enjoying it. There is one more interesting thing about the lady is that she is in a relationship these days. Yes, you will be amazed that she is in a relationship with the YouTuber EdwinElCapoTv who introduced her to the entertainment industry. It has made her famous on social media. It is great for her, for sure.

Professional life

She is not just an ordinary lady. Yes, she is one of the most celebrities and works with numerous fans on social media. She is a blogger, prankster, and actress too. Therefore, she has become a public figure now. You can see her on a TV show because she has already appeared on a TV show on Telemundo.

Her influencing nature has made her a celebrity, and all her fans love to watch her on YouTube. Her numerous fans always surround her because millions of views are viewed on her YouTube Channel videos. The lady is active on social media, which is why her list of fans is increasing day by day.

No doubt, her appearance on social media is the major cause of her popularity and a huge fan following. People love her absolutely and admire her effort towards the betterment of society because she actively participates in various activities on social media since we know her as an active YouTuber. 


She aims to encourage people for happiness and pleasure. Everyone is facing issues and hurdles in life, so watching her prank videos on YouTube can bring a smile to others’ faces. This is the best thing that makes people happy and healthy. For making these videos, she always uses unique ideas and concepts. This is the thing that makes her popular among her fans. They love watching her videos. Moreover, she gets millions of views.

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