How Wand Vibrators Increase Stimulation & How To Buy The Right One

Are you tired of your same old same old masturbation techniques? Closing your eyes and imagining all kinds of sexy stuff while fingering yourself is nice and all, but there’s no way that you don’t wish for something hotter from time to time. And, no, I’m not talking about watching porn. Although watching porn can be extremely sexy too, in the end, it all comes down to you and your fingers.

When you realize that you need something more than just your fingers, you might want to think about getting yourself the best wand vibrator you can find on the market and thus achieve the mind-blowing orgasm you deserve. These are certainly going to blow your mind away, but if you don’t know much about them, I suggest you hold off your shopping decisions for a short while. First, you need to learn more about what wand vibrators are and how they can increase stimulation, and then you can proceed to do your shopping.

What Is A Wand Vibrator?

Let us start with the basics, shall we? After all, you don’t want to go and buy yourself something you know nothing about, and getting properly informed definitely requires you to go through the most basic stuff in the first place. What if I told you that the toy I am about to get you acquainted with is nothing else but a simple massager?

Would you be disappointed or amazed? Well, I don’t know what your reaction would be, but let me assure you one thing. Although some people call it a massager, there is definitely nothing simple and ordinary about it. The mere fact that it can provide you with enormous pleasure should be enough to make you understand that this particular massager is much more than you might have thought.

Women all around the world have made this particular device a part of their sex toy collection. No matter how small that collection is, the wand vibrator is an essential part of it. If you ask any woman out there about this sweet toy, you’ll probably see them form a smile on their face and that should be your indicator of how loved this device is among the female population.

Let’s cut right to the chase. A wand vibrator is a device that consists of a round vibrating ball that is attached to the handle. The handle has an electric motor that provides for that vibrating sensation that women around the world are going crazy about. The device can be powered by batteries or it can be mains-powered. The strength of the tool will depend on the way it is powered.

How Can It Better Your Sex Life?

It doesn’t matter if you decide to use this toy all on your own or with a partner, the point is that it can definitely increase stimulation and make you achieve a powerful orgasm. For starters, by stimulating your clitoris, this tool will give you the sensation that you might not have been able to feel when trying to please yourself in any other way imaginable. Even your partner cannot provide you with that particular sensation since, well, people don’t usually vibrate.

Speaking of people and partners, it might be nice for you to know that this particular toy can be the perfect addition to a couple’s bedroom. I have news for all of those who thought that wand vibrators were only for solo play. You were all wrong and if you do me a favor and ask your partner if they would love to make this addition to your sex life, I’m pretty sure that you will get positive answers and a couple of sexy looks and horny smiles.

If you’re thinking of adding sexy toys to your relationship, here are some tips to help you get going:

There is another reason why these tools can be rather useful. If you decide to use it alone, you will get to experiment and explore your body in order to learn exactly what can increase your stimulation and what simply turns you off, which can help better not only your masturbation techniques but also your sex life in general. On the other hand, if you decide to use the wand vibrator with your partner, you two will get to experiment together, which will also lead to improved sex life, because couples who aren’t too inhibited tend to have the best sex imaginable.


How To Buy The Right One For You?

Whatever you decide to do with a wand vibrator similar to the Hitachi Magic Wand after you buy it is your business and nobody else’s. Yet, the process of shopping should be someone else’s business too. No, I’m not saying that you should inform everyone about your shopping intentions. I’m simply saying that you need to do some reading about other people’s experiences, as well as possibly talk to a few of your acquaintances in order to make the right purchase.

In other words, buying a wand vibrator on the spur of the moment isn’t exactly a great idea. Instead of rushing into things, you should take your time to take a look at the various ones that are offered on the market and then decide on the one that will be perfect for you. This might take some time, but it will definitely be worth it. After all, you don’t want to end up with a sex toy that won’t please you or that will break down after a couple of uses. That’s why you need to be careful during the shopping process.

After you learn what a vibrator can actually do for you and your body (more info), I have no doubts in my mind that you will want to get one as soon as possible. Yet, as I have mentioned, this might take some time, especially if you don’t know what you are searching for exactly. So, let me inform you about some of the steps that you should take in order to find the best one rather quickly.


For starters, if you aren’t too shy, you can talk to some of your girlfriends. Surely, you know someone who uses these sex toys and they might be able to make the perfect recommendations. In case you aren’t that open with your friends and you don’t want to involve them in this decision, don’t worry. You can always find all the info you need with the help of the Internet.

Find a few products online that seem to be good and then proceed to learn as much about them as possible. First of all, check all the specifications and the features and make comparisons. Then, start searching for reviews, so that you can see what real users have to say about the particular wand vibrators that you have in mind.

Reading about the product and checking specifications can be useful, but there’s nothing more useful than hearing whether customers actually liked those products or not. When you find the wand vibrator that you like and when you find that it has perfect reviews, you can feel free to place your order. Then, all that’s left is to have fun with it when it arrives.

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