How to Properly Care for Furniture?

Without exception, every buyer wants the newly purchased piece of furniture to serve as long as possible. Operation directly affects the life of the furniture: the more carefully and carefully you use it (with proper care), the longer it will retain its original appearance. 

One should not lose sight of the fact that by saving on purchase at, you risk losing much more in the future: inexpensive furniture cannot be of impeccable quality. High-quality materials are quite expensive, but the cost of caring for them will be minimal. The purchase of the next set of furniture will happen only if you want to change the interior of the room. Make sure you check out the ones available at NFoutlet as they will suffice your comfort to perfection.

All about furniture care

The process of caring for cabinet furniture will not take you much time and effort, you just need to follow a few simple rules: read the product passport and follow the advice described in the instructions for use and care of furniture, which each manufacturer must indicate there. Do not forget to also familiarize yourself with the item “purpose of furniture”.

Furniture Care Tips

We bring to your attention general useful tips for caring for furniture:

  • Remove dust from the furniture surface with a dry soft cloth (microfiber, suede, flannel) or special brooms. Do not use hard-bristled scrapers or sponges – these will leave small scratches.
  • Periodically wipe the surface with special antistatic agents.
  • Remove dirt with soapy water followed by wiping dry. Alternatively, you can use wet wipes.
  • Under no circumstances should aggressively cleaning agents (containing chlorine, chemicals, solvents) be used. Cleaning with abrasive detergents (soda) is excluded.

Furniture types and care

Rather conditionally, furniture can be divided into the following types, depending on the material from which this or that set is made: chipboard, MDF, natural wood. Each material has its own peculiarity, which must be taken into account both at the stage of selection and design, and throughout the entire service life.

Caring for kitchen furniture with a high-quality hood will not be difficult. In the bedroom, living room and hallway, it is easy to manage with standard measures. 

It will not be difficult to properly care for upholstered furniture, except that the care will be slightly different, based on the material (velor, leather, eco-leather), and operating conditions (for example, are there children or pets in the house).

Chipboard furniture care

It is widely believed that particle boards are afraid of moisture. This is true, so when buying products from this material, pay attention to the quality of the surface treatment. Namely: all ends must be seamlessly edged (covered with an edge). 

Only this condition guarantees a long service life of the panels. Of course, if you pour water on furniture, nothing good will come of it. But a reliable coating will retain moisture on its surface for the time it takes to collect it.

Care of natural wood furniture

If you want to take care of solid wood furniture, it will require more effort from you than any other material. Natural materials are capricious. They do not tolerate high / low humidity and temperature and should be protected from direct sunlight (to avoid color fading). 

Therefore, if you ventured to purchase a cabinet made of natural wood species, then be prepared to constantly maintain the temperature and humidity conditions in the room (humidity 65%, temperature not lower than +15 C). Cleaning with delicate detergents and wax-based preparations (gentle care) is acceptable.

Caring for polished furniture at home

Fingerprints and splashes are generally visible on shiny surfaces. Therefore, you will have to wipe the varnished surface dry (NOT wet! – streaks will remain) with a felt or flannel cloth quite often. The best stain remover is water with a little ammonia (6/1 ratio).

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