Everything to know about dashcams

The inclusion of a dashcam in your car provides an external protective layer that can be of considerable value. Dashcams can be used to monitor incidents reliably, to review the results of incompetent drivers, help conflicts and also to save claims. You should check these commonly asked questions to help you make better decisions if you intend to add a dashcam on your car.

Is it possible to mount a dashcam?

It’s quick to mount a dashcam which can usually be completed in less than 20 minutes. Dash cameras can be mounted in one of two forms – utilizing the 12V power receptacle or hardwired into your vehicle.

  • Either you want a quick and straightforward mount, or you want your dashcam to be shifted quickly from car to car, it’s the best way to go for your available 12V power socket. It to be on the windshield, and the cable is positioned next to it.
  • Hardwiring is your best choice because you want a smooth look and continuous build. The hardwiring installation is identical to the 12V power supply because the contractor plugs into the fuse box using a specially supplied plug instead of moving to the 12V power source.

Where can my dashcam be mounted?

  • People believe that they first need to install a dashcam on the dashboard. Although it will give a good picture of the road ahead, the location to mount your dashcam is not perfect. Per car has a different design and the dashboards vary a lot. You will have to decide whether the dash of your vehicle provides a direct and stable view without blocking your vision.
  • The windshield is always the perfect place for drivers looking for a direct and unimpeded view of the road ahead. It is advised that you place your cam behind the rearview mirror to avoid an obstructed view, as it is still obscured theoretically. It is also a perfect position because the mirror is more or less located along the middle of the vehicle and is the best overall record. In the preparation of your mounting position, consider whether a suction mounting device or adhesive is provided for the model you choose.

Can a dashcam drain my car battery?

You have to worry about what effect the battery would have by using a dashcam with a 12V port to charge. You typically drain your battery if you have a cam mounted to monitor your vehicle in park. You don’t have to think about it if you just use your camera to film while driving. You will need to invest in a dashcam battery if you want your camera continuously to film, even when your car is in the park.

  • If you need to log your cam even though you don’t have your car, you can invest in a Dash Cam battery with great value. Depending on where the fabric and style are better suited, the battery unit can also be mounted in a range of places within your car. When the vehicle is in a park and is switched off the camera turns to battery power. This means that you can still document without ever having to think about a dead battery. While this alternative needs further investment in both the battery and installation, it is a matter of concern.

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