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What Is the Best Paint Protection Film for Cars?

Our vehicles are among the most important assets and investments we own. They are part of our daily life, and they help us build long-lasting memories with our family and friends. However, if you use your vehicle to haul your kids, run errands, and enjoy camping weekends away, it is only normal to start seeing signs of wear and tear on the exterior’s paint.

So, it is crucial to invest in high-quality paint protection films. These products are ideal for reducing the signs of time on your vehicle’s exterior, without the need for a more expensive repaint. They are usually easy to install, and they will yield long-lasting results for a reduced price.

XPEL Clear Paint Protection Film

The XPEL clear paint protection film is created by XPEL, a mark of quality when it comes down to car detailing. This car wrap is one of the best ones on the market, and it is perfectly suitable for all types of cars.

This XPEL product is only 8mils thick and made in a clear polyurethane film. This characteristic makes the film almost invisible once carefully applied. Among the benefits of using this product, it comes in different sizes. Because of it, you can use it to look after a specific section or wrap your whole vehicle.

You can find the XPEL film available in the sizes below:

  • 6′′ x25′′
  • 6′′ x60′′
  • 6′′ x84′′.

The XPEL car wrap is an extremely high-quality option, and, once applied correctly, it won’t be visible at all. Keep in mind that, due to its limited thickness, it won’t protect the paint as well as other models.

SunTek Top Coated Paint Protection Film

As we have seen, protection films are an efficient solution if you are trying to give a new look to your car’s exterior. But, if you want to limit your expenses, it is possible that you are compromising on quality.

When looking at a solution that is both affordable and yielding professional results, the SunTek Top Coated Paint Protection Film is the product that comes to mind. This product is created to be used specifically by professionals, and it is scientifically formulated.

When properly applied, it creates a reliable and durable layer of protection for any vehicle. While almost invisible (8mils thickness), it will protect your vehicle against the damage that salt, insects, rocks, and debris can cause.

One of this wrap’s unique selling points is that it is formulated to be self-healing. This means that when you notice an imperfection on the coat, you can just pour some hot water on it. This will get rid of the scratches and imperfections.

While this wrap is usually available from professional detailers, you can also find it in different versions on the market. Indeed, you will be able to purchase it in a matt or glossy finish. Additionally, SunTek also provides Ultra, C, and M versions, which allow you to find a wrap that fits your needs and budget.

VViViD 3M Scotchgard

The VViViD 3M wrap is among the highest-quality wraps on this list.  Indeed, this wrap is among the longest-lasting films available today, suitable for all kinds of vehicles. Additionally, the company that manufactures this film is also responsible for other high-quality products such as laminates and adhesives.

Just like the models seen above, this film is no thicker than 8mils and offers practical adhesive backing. While it can seem very thin at first, it represents light but sturdy protection. So, you might use it for some of your vehicle’s hidden parts as well as for parts that are naturally more exposed to the elements, such as the front.

Ultimately, when expertly applied, the wrap is invisible, so it is perfect for those vehicle owners who need a discreet solution for their valuable cars.

3M Scotchgard Clear Paint Protection Bulk Film Roll

The 3M Scotchgard is among our favorite wraps because it is impressively easy to install. The roll it comes in allows for an easy application, something that you can attempt to do by yourself, even without the help of a detailer.

With its 8mil of thickness, this film is thin enough to be invisible, but it still offers complete coverage against debris, dust, and light scratches.

Karlor Vinyl Wrap Film

The Karlor Vinyl Wrap Film is an affordable and convenient wrap. This is not among the longest-lasting films out there, but it represents a quick solution for any vehicle. The Karlor Vinyl Wrap is appreciated by those car owners who are looking at increasing the vehicle’s curb appeal before selling.

However, the wrap is still suitable for long-term use, and Karlor claims that its wrap will last between seven and ten years. Of course, this will depend on how you use the car and where you drive it. Unlike the wraps seen above, this is 0.17 mm and made in PVC, which makes it more visible than the other models seen above.

VViViD Clear Paint Protection Film

This VViViD Protection Film is another excellent product suitable for all models of cars or trucks. This might be the right film for those vehicle owners who are not so comfortable with DIY projects when it comes down to their vehicles.

Indeed, the wrap does not require you to have a heat gun during the application. The idea behind this wrap model is that you can apply it in minutes. Additionally, the wrap’s material is ultra-comfortable and will perfectly adapt to any vehicle surface.

One of the benefits of the VViViD film is that it features an air-release acrylic-based adhesive. Therefore, if you wish to remove it, take it off, swap it, or reposition it, you can do so without complicated removal processes or chemicals.

This VViViD Clear Paint Protection Film is relatively affordable and convenient, but it is also a durable car wrap. Indeed, it can withstand years of everyday use, UV damage, yellowing, abrasion, and discoloration.

Installing Paint Protection Film

Installing the wrap is not always an easy process. You will be able to find guidelines on the package and follow the instructions present on the product you have purchased. However, it is common for these wraps to create bubbles or streaks, which will make them more noticeable or damage the car’s aesthetics.

If you still prefer to complete the job by yourself, make sure that the vehicle is entirely clean. The vehicle’s surfaces must also be free of debris and dust, so it is recommended to apply the film just after a wash. But it is always recommended to speak to an expert detailer or professional wrap installer.

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