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Protection as a priority: Safety gear every rider must know about

Helmets have always been considered the highest priority as they protect your head and neck. But what about other protective gear? Where do they fit in the safety hierarchy?

One of the highest safety concerns is for your chest and back, especially your spinal cord. So body armour is essential for your safety. Also, elbow pads, jackets, gloves, riding pants, and knee pads contribute to saving your skin from burns, protecting your bones, and preventing significant sprains if an accident occurs, which is not a rarity. But before buying all this safety gear for yourself, there are certain things you must know about them. There are different types of body armours, each with particular functionality, and the kind of protection they offer. Here is a list of safety gear that you should know about to keep yourself safe during your rides:


These vests are designed to fit and cover the torso and offer protection to your chest and back. However, they do not provide any protection for your arms. Most vests feature a hard outer core and soft padding inside and can be worn over a shirt or t-shirt of your liking.

Armoured Jackets

Motorcycle jackets typically offer protection to areas such as the back, shoulders and elbows. They usually have pockets on the outside as well as the inside and straps around the neck and wrists. Apart from offering protection, motorcycle jackets sure render a dashing look to the rider and in a way, complete a rider’s outfit. 


Riding pants usually come in leather or textiles. You can choose one depending on the weather conditions. Both materials offer protection to the hips, legs, and knees. However, it is advised to buy a light material armour riding pant to avoid extreme heating.


According to studies, armoured motorcycle boots reduce the risk of an open wound injury by 90%. Most people prefer riding in their hiking boots, however, that is a huge mistake as hiking boots do not dampen vibrations from the footpegs and may feel uncomfortable during extended rides. 

Elbow and knee guards

Most riders prefer to ride in their jeans rather than armour pants. It completely depends on the rider whether they should wear armour pants or regular jeans. Either way, they will have to equip a set of armoured pads to wear beneath them. Elbow and knee pads that can also go over a shirt, jacket, or pants if you prefer wearing them on the outside. 

Back protector

If a rider is involved in an accident, the back protectors prevent soft tissue damage on the back and sides of the body. Although back protectors may limit the spine movement but will surely stop a puncture or abrasion from occurring.

Hip protection

Hip protections are padded shorts that can be worn beneath the riding pants for added protection to the hip area. They’re designed to keep the other pads in place as you move about the motorcycle seat during a ride.

Bottom Line

There is no argument here, motorcycle body armour is essential to your safety and just cannot be ignored. Body armour may add some weight to the rider, but it is worth the protection it provides.

It doesn’t matter if you are out for a casual ride or if you’re in the track revving that engine, it is vital for you to gear up before getting on your bike. Because accidents cannot be predicted so it is best to be prepared for whatever comes. 

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