5 Simple Ways that a Hat can Enhance your Appearance

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  As cliche as it sounds, multiple sociological studies show that  we judge each other based on the appearance from the very first seconds we meet a person, before deciding if we want to approach or get to know them further.

Multiply industries have flourished on the purpose of changing your looks. The most basic examples are all make-up products, at-home or professional esthetic treatments for your hair, face, nails, eyelashes. For those wanting a more efficient and expensive solution, options include invasive procedures such as plastic surgeries of the nose, cheeks, hair implants, reduction or augmentation of particular body parts, cosmetic dentistry etc.

Yet, we want to bring forward a humble accessory that can quickly improve your overall looks by very little effort – you just need to put it on!

Here are 6 simple ways that a hat can enhance your appearance:

1.   A hat quickly draws attention

Whether in a crowded place or within a smaller group of people, a hat is the easiest, most obvious accessory to catch one’s attention. Why? Because it’s placed in a very strategic position – right on the top of your head!

If you’re wearing a hat that nicely complements your outfit, it will draw all the right attention to you. Within seconds, you will give the impression of a person who is put-together, attentive to details, takes good care of themselves. You clearly demand respect and attention from others as well. Your presence will be impossible to ignore.

2.   A hat is practical accessory for a bad-hair day

Ladies, we all know the struggle of those days, which happen just before an important meeting with a client, or a romantic date, or when you were so excited to go out and conquer the world! A bad-hair day happens to each of us.

Still, this is no valid reason to postpone your plans. Simply put a hat on it!

Nobody’s going to notice the furious mess that’s going on underneath. You will look your most charming self, with a hat that contours nicely your head and face features.

Boys, a bad-hair day happens to you too – no point denying it. If you’re among the ones that nature forced to kiss your lion’s mane goodbye years ago, I hear you.

Still, neither of these are problems that a good old hat can’t fix. It’s practical, it looks good, and gets you covered for the rest of the day. Now, head out there and go conquer the world!

3.   A hat is your head’s shield against harsh weather conditions

Regardless of where you live on Earth, seasonal changes are always present and that’s exactly when a hat becomes your best friend!

Think of windy, rainy autumn days, when your head is directly exposed to the cold air…

Think of warm spring days when you’re enjoying having a cold beer outside and the sun is constantly over your head. After a few hours, you’re bound to get an annoying headache…

You know what to do – go back home and get your favorite, comfortable hat as your any-kind-of-weather shield!

4.   A hat can be a nice ice-breaker

Some hats are simple and light.

Some others might be carrying a logo of your favorite sports team or music band.

Fewer hats have a distinctive shape, design and style, thus representing a certain phenomenon, time or character in their history. For example, see these flat caps (or Peaky Hats)  that were recently given the spotlight by the popular TV series Peaky Blinders.

The point is, the hat you’re wearing, not only draws more attention to you, but it also gives the people approaching you a chance for a nice little ice-breaker activity. Within seconds, you both would have found something in common to talk about and share opinions.

Such an easy trick to pull out of the hat, don’t you think?

5.   A hat speaks loud of your style and personality

Fashion is often considered as art because through our clothes and outfits, we are able to express ourselves. A hat can be only a part of the whole picture that we share with the world, yet a very “loud” one.

A hat can emphasize your shoes, shorts, dress or bring out the colour of your eyes. Over time, the hat boosts the wearer’s personality by enhancing their self-confidence, adding to their strong silent presence, and empowering their sense of style. It even works with these Hollywood celebrities who pull off effortlessly a stylish street or stage outfit by wearing the newsboy cap.

Aren’t you curious to see what this timeless flat cap can do for you?

Check out these modern designs and high quality products at the Peaky Hat online store. For being such a classy and versatile piece of clothing, these flat hats come at very affordable prices for everyone. Moreover, they offer worldwide shipping. This holiday season, why not choose a Peaky Hat as a gift idea? It will be under your relatives and friends’ Christmas tree probably sooner than you will.


Hats might be the fashion accessory in your wardrobe that you have unfairly underrated so far. Give it a try next time you prepare your outfit and get out the door. You will be enhancing your appearance and first impressions with people more than you can even imagine.

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