Why you should get an infrared sauna?

You have heard about infrared sauna treatments if you’re anything like us, a wellness lover. Or you probably saw images of them, speaking more realistically thanks to your Instagram feed. While models and ordinary people are in this growing trend, you might wonder if these saunas value any hype. You’re not alone here. As with any highly acclaimed treatment, the often-posted benefits are real or only a figure of the pay-for-reality thing done by an influencer. You’ll learn in the future what an infrared sauna is and what benefits it can bring if you’re going to find out more.

About Infrared sauna

An infrared sauna is an infrared box with infrared heaters that detoxify and cure the body, stimulate mood, and much more. Infrared saunas and sauna blanket with infrared technology use infrared heat lamps in confined spaces to directly raise body temperature instead of traditional saunas, which feature steam or dry heat to warm up a room. 

“Heat is extremely mild infrared rays,”. Infrared heat has the advantage of being effective at a more comfortable operating temperature of 100°-150°F. This is why the risk of breathing is less and more likely to be manageable because you will not have the same feelings as when you lie in the sun and feel the warmth radiating to the heart of your body.

Infrared sauna benefits

  • Detoxification
  • Promotes circulation
  • Contouring pain
  • Mood boosts

Because infrared heat penetrates human tissue rather than merely heating the skin surface, Researchers say infrared saunas are seven times more powerful to detoxify the body than conventional saunas. “By raising the body’s core temperature, infrared saunas can produce a sweat composed of 20 percent toxins versus only 3 percent toxins with a traditional sauna,”.

As infrared is so effective in eliminating toxins, some claim it can help with myriad body issues. “The strong infrared heat promotes body circulation that can lead to increased metabolism, alleviation of muscles and joint pain, a boost of immunology and of course, reduction of stress and fatigue”.

Infrared saunas can increase collagen output and mood over and above heat-induced detoxification, especially if chromotherapy lights are integrated into your session. The mood-enhancing advantages are most substantial of all, and some claim that within the first 10 minutes, you can warm up and notice the benefits. However, you need continuing sessions if you wish to experience dramatic skin or weight change.

Few infrared sauna therapies are often provided with Chromotherapy (or light therapy), such as those at the HigherDOSE and Chillhouse. Light therapy is used for the body and mood, for specific illnesses, and to allow more energy to flow to particular chakras. “But where we’re seeing it most these days is in beauty treatments.” Chromotherapy uses various light colors with several treatments. For example, when red LED light is used to create collagen and pain relief, blue LED light is useful for destroying bacteria that cause acne.

How will an infrared sauna be prepared?

The day before your sweat kid, Ramirez says he drinks lots of water and gets enough sleep. This means that during the experience, you will less often feel weak or dehydrate.

Even if you are tired, you might want to bring some entertainment. If you like me, it helps you have a podcast or your favorite music on hand since it can make you a little bit quick sitting still while sweating (and I say that knowing firsthand).

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