Introduction to Fort York and Its Condo Market

Introduction to Fort York and Its Condo Market

Fort York is located in the heart of Toronto and is one of the most popular neighborhoods. In the past, it was one of the most important defense positions whose primary purpose was to defend Lake Ontario from attacking forces coming from America. Nowadays, it is a modern community, loved and cherished by its residents. 

Condo Market in Fort York

The condo market in Fort York is a versatile one, meaning you can find anything from one-bedroom apartments to super-luxury penthouse condos for the riches of riches. One-bedroom condos usually sell between $589K and $650K. A two-bedroom condo can easily go over a million in some locations, whereas a three-bedroom apartment can go for $1.3 million or more.

If you browse the listing at Condo Mapper or any other condo market directory, you will see that even the one-bedroom condos feature the necessary amenities one can ask for. Almost by default, condos in Fort York have open balconies, laundries, parking, furnished kitchen, etc. 

There are even some condos in Fort York with a sea view. Typically, the more amenities there are, the more expensive the condo is. 

Fort York Highlights

The fact that Fort Heritage is also known as Garrison speaks a lot about its past. Today Fort York holds one of the biggest collections of artifacts dating from the war in 1812. Besides its historical significance, Fort York is also a witness to Toronto’s industry and cultural evolution. 

Whether you are scouting the area to pursue your new condo or just exploring, know that there is a lot to see and do in Fort York.

For starters, CN Tower is just one mile from the well-known St. Lawrence Market and Princes Gates. Each of these remarkable places is within walking distance from each other. Then there is the Royal Alexandra Theatre, where you can enjoy an excellent theater play or movie. If culture is your thing, you should check out the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. In winter, you can have fun at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Summing up, Fort York is a great living place. The average condo prices are higher than in other parts of Toronto, but in return, you get to experience Toronto at its finest. Fort York offers access to all types of amenities of modern, urban living. It is a diverse community with plenty of green spaces, excellent infrastructure, excellent biking infrastructure, and great inner-city public transport. 

If you plan to buy a condo in Fort York as an investment, you are in the right neighborhood. Generally speaking, the condo rental market might not be doing too well this year because of the pandemic. However, Fort York is always in demand, and there are always those that want to live there, primarily white-collar workers and young professionals with promising carriers.

And one more thing, you have Starbucks in Fort York. A recent study showed that people appreciate an area more when there is Starbucks in it. So, if you are one of those folks, that’s another plus for Fort York.

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