From The Block To The Boardroom, Gino Fracchiolla Shares His Story Of Success

Gino Fracchiolla was originally born in Italy, but moved to Brooklyn shortly after. He was raised in NYC until the age of 5, and later moved with his family to Los Angeles. As a young boy, he was a stellar student. In fact, Gino advanced a grade and even tutored other children who were several years ahead of him. However, at the age of 13, his life changed. 

Due to family issues, Gino ran away from home and wound up on the streets. At that point, he was living a troubled life. At the early age of 15, Gino had a son and was heavily involved in a life of drugs, gangs, jail, and guns. He spent many years in and out of prison and struggled with drug addiction. In 2017, Gino decided to get sober and transform his life for the better, encouraging him to start his own business. 

“The amount of respect and credibility I have in the street is my secret weapon. It’s what gets people to pick up my calls, it’s what gets people to take my meetings, and that’s the reason I spent zero dollars on marketing or advertising. All my business is word-of-mouth referrals,” states Gino. 

Now, Gino runs his own business, Infiniti Marketing group – a white glove, public relations, marketing, and digital media firm. As a one stop shop for all things business, clients rely on Gino for all of their needs with respect to business or digital presence. Currently, Gino is partnered with multiple public relations and digital firms all over the world, which allows him to provide services that a lot of other companies can’t. When asked to share what motivated him to start his business, Gino shared: 

“When I got sober I needed something to dive into to take my mind off of things. I wanted to create something where I could bring value to peoples businesses’ utilizing all my pre-existing connections. The amount of support I received initially was insane. That’s what motivated me to keep going and growing. Infiniti has now become a corporation with multiple DBAs underneath it and is on track to be a multi-million dollar conglomerate.”

Having worked many sales positions in the past and always working to make other people millionaires, rather than himself, Gino grew tired of this lifestyle. Knowing that he could do better, he quit his daytime job and hit the ground running as he began his business. Now, he differentiates himself from the competition by always going the extra mile. Within an industry saturated with scammers and liars, Gino makes it a priority to not only reassure his clients by offering a money-back guarantee, but also getting to know each and every one of his clients on a personal level:

“My clients call it the Gino Experience. I associate with them outside of work, invite them to events, take them to lunch, etc. I also connect dots for clients. My network is my net worth. Clients call me before shopping for anything because they know I’ve got a connection for it and can plug them in. This is what they mean by the Gino Experience.” 

It hasn’t been an easy path for Gino, however, he has been able to use his own story and experiences to become a successful businessman, trusted by many. Right now, Gino is working on starting a nonprofit organization that works to reduce the recidivism rate through education and implementation. Having spent a large amount of time incarcerated and first handedly experiencing how difficult the system makes it for ex-convicts to change their lives, Gino is eager to create change. Gino is also working with @delmoswade on his project, @thepuffets

“No matter what you’ve experienced in the past, don’t let that stop you from chasing your dreams. People love a success story. People love an underdog. My biggest concern when I started my business is that people were going to judge me on my past. It’s been the exact opposite. My life experiences are my business card. People come to me exclusively for that knowledge, not run away for me because of it. Work hard and good things will happen,” shares Gino. 

Make sure to follow Gino Fracchiolla on Instagram here, and check out Infiniti Marketing Group to take your business to the next level.

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