Why Your Translation Strategy Should Match Your Ambitions

There is no denying that international markets and businesses (especially the European ones) continue to expand today. Strategies such as the single digitalized market are beginning to establish a concrete shape. Customers have begun to distinguish less between where they buy their products and their native country.

A recent study revealed that roughly three-quarters of customers had already bought something from a foreign and international site. That said, more than half of the people (55 percent to be exact) will not purchase anything if the website is not available in their native language.

Hence, any business or company finding it challenging to acquire the same success level on an international scale as in their native country must carefully consider their translation strategies. If you think about it, a translation strategy actually makes sense if you consider the sales and resources linked with it. Why not carefully plan your translation strategy like you would launch your product on a new foreign market?

Needing a Translation Strategy

Sales Channels

To create a sound, trust-based relationship with your customers, the first step you can take is to offer your merchandise to a local market. What this will need is integrating considerable translation volumes without losing your content or page set-up. Making use of an Application Programming Interface or a plug-in is a great means to avoid losing vital information or squandering time with manual integration.

If the chief sales channel happens to be your own official site, coherence is one of the major translation requirements. All the pages’ content, including footnotes as well as menu elements, needs to be available in the same language.

As a case to point, a manufacturer of leather jackets has translated all of their product information very carefully and even tailored their design and emails to be compatible with the local market. However, if a section of a form is not complete on the French site’s payment page, the software system delivers the customer a message in German. That can very well lead to the customer losing faith in the website and abandoning the purchase.

It will be in your best interest to take a snapshot of all of the text material and test out the entire pathway that a potential customer would most likely take when buying something. Do not make the blunder of thinking that since English is a universal worldwide language, it will easily take the place of a proper and effective translation strategy.

Target Market

When you consider source language, it is about the capability to gauge the market in the correct manner. You need to account for various registers of style along with the regional specificities.

Let us take a scenario as an example. You are selling conventional cardigans in North American markets. But you are calling them “cardigans,” which is their British English name rather than “sweaters,” which is the United States version. If that is so, fewer visitors and potential customers will be able to find you by using organic referencing, and as a result, the conversion rate will be less as well.

In addition, visitors will most likely assume that the goods are arriving from the United Kingdom; hence the delivery will take a longer time.

What you should do in such a situation is ask translators who happen to be native and local speakers of your target market to make sure that your text is genuine and has respect for good practice when you consider referencing. Also, it should match your business goals and ambition.

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