Why Your SaaS Business Needs an SEO Strategy

Of all the marketing strategies that SaaS companies look to implement, SEO is often the most overlooked. This is because SEO is generally poorly understood, and SaaS companies may not have a good idea of how to structure their website in an SEO-optimized manner, or what keywords to even optimize their website for. All in all, it is not uncommon for SaaS businesses to skip SEO entirely and focus more on marketing areas such as PPC and paid social media. However, this would be a large mistake, as the SaaS market is rife with information-based keywords for those looking to learn how a software solution can solve a particular problem they are having. With that in mind, here is why your SaaS business needs to invest in SEO.

It Helps You Better Understand Your Target Demographic

One major benefit of investing in SaaS SEO is that you will get a much better understanding of how your customers think. This is done through the use of keyword research, which is a fundamental aspect of SEO. Using keyword research, you can see the types of search terms that your potential customers and clients are using to try to find your software and that of your competitors. Typically, instead of directly searching for a software solution, a user will search for an answer to their problems.

Keeping that in mind, a SaaS company can position itself as the answer to these problems through the use of properly targeted content to the correct keywords. They can then build links to these informational articles in order to make them rank better for target keywords. This is a fundamental part of SaaS SEO, and it will give you a much better idea of the type of information your customers are seeking.

It Helps You Get in Front of the Right People

One major difference between the SaaS marketplace and other industries is that the purchasing of a SaaS products needs buy-in from decision-makers at companies. In order to implement a software solution, a marketing manager, CMO, or information manager needs to make sure the product is the right solution for their current issues. Of course, SaaS companies range a large gamut, from marketing automation software like Hubspot, to messaging software like Slack, and ecommerce platforms like Shopify.

Each of these SaaS companies have unique needs, but ultimately all of them have a need to acquire more customers. Using SEO, SaaS companies can get in front of decision-makers who may be actually searching for direct software solutions. For example, if you are a marketing automation SaaS company, and you rank well for a keyword like ‘marketing automation software’ then you’ll likely be able to capture a large part of the traffic for that keyword. If you have a well-converting piece of content or landing page set up to do this, then you’ll find that you’ll be able to get key buy-in from people at companies who may be in direct need of a software solution to solve their problems.

Overall, SaaS companies would do well to make SEO a core part of their marketing strategy. Not only does SaaS SEO provide direction for other marketing efforts, but it also allows you to more clearly define your buyer personas and get in front of the right people.

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