“Toxic Avenger” Remake Finds Its Green Light with Actor Peter Dinklage

Every well-intentioned film deserves its own equivalent of author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Green Light”: That “orgastic future” used not so much as a unit of measurement by the protagonist of The Great Gatsby, but rather as a sort of North Star that appears from what seems mere inches from our own moon and, perhaps, even closer to our own Secret Heart. Today it was announced that Legendary Pictures had picked out their own Green Light to star in their upcoming remake of the cult film The Toxic Avenger. Seem unlikely? That’s the thing about the mystical nature of the Green Light: you never know in what final form it might take.

 Per our groovy contemporaries at The Hollywood Reporter comes the news that master thespian Peter Dinklage (Living in Oblivion, The Station Agent, Game of Thrones) has signed on the dotted line to star in the Legendary remake of the 1984 fan-favorite movie The Toxic Avenger.

The ’84 Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz directed film was a horror flick that deftly blended in comedy to create an altogether unforgettable story about a misbegotten nerd that winds up full-tilt boogie in a vat of toxic waste only to emerge as a benevolent hero for the downtrodden. The film was successful enough that it went on to spawn a cottage industry of sequels (five at last count), comic books, video games and a cartoon.

 Described as a “contemporary reimagining that will subvert the superhero genre”, this new iteration of The Toxic Avenger is being written and directed by Macon Blair of Sundance sensation I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore. Blair has been attached to this project since March and outside of this film he has yet another project lined up with Dinklage in the form of a comedy called Brothers. To keep some of the original scar tissue of the first series of films constant, the directors of the very first Toxic Avenger flick – the above mentioned Kaufman and Herz – have signed on as producers for this new take.

So across the bay comes a green light, shining onto this remake of The Toxic Avenger. But is it a simple light, or something more? A metaphor for hope lost yet not forgotten? Or something simpler and cheesier, such as green toxic sludge radiating through the dark, dark night? This fan of Troma Entertainment’s original film will be anxious to find out. Stay tuned.

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