King Of Realtor Social Media: Meet Ed Stulak

Ed Stulak gained success by finding an intersection between two worlds others never saw coming together: real estate and social media. Now, he runs his own real estate business and coaching services under his brand IGRE Coaching, where he fills the need for real estate agents to be successful through social media in order to create their brand. 

Ed started off his career pursuing medicine, alongside being a successful hockey player his whole life. However, after a bad shoulder injury, he began failing his classes, and came to the realization about what he actually wanted to do with his life. 

“After trying out a few different things, I learned that I was naturally skilled at social media,” Ed says. 

He moved forward with this focus and got a chance to try it more hands-on with a client, managing their social media and growing their brand. He was good at it, but he realized he didn’t want to work for someone else’s brand – he wanted to work for his own. This is when he started diving into real estate, and he quickly noticed that his social media skills would intersect, and he could bring a real benefit to the real estate industry. 

“I saw a need and decided to pursue social media coaching for real estate agents by starting my own brand called IGRE,” Ed says. 

Although Ed entered the real estate industry motivated by the money and the allure of dressing up in his custom bespoke suits, the real motivation came when he realized he was able to make a big difference and impact on the industry. Once he discovered there was that problem of realtors not being social media savvy, he was able to make a great chance for the industry. Ed always wanted to solve a big problem and help others, but he didn’t know how to get there until he saw the gap in the real estate industry. 

Although Ed has found great success in the niche market he’s built himself, he will be the first to admit starting a new business has its own unique challenges. First and foremost, Ed points out the importance of mentorship. Trying to start in a new field with a mentor gives you the tools and wisdom to help, and your destination, which Ed points out, can greatly help cut the learning curve for you which can help you make less mistakes. 

Beyond mentorship, Ed encourages new entrepreneurs trying to start their own business to value collaboration. 

“Collaboration is great for getting more exposure and traffic. Cross pollinating your communities with someone else’s has great value,” Ed says. 

Finding a good team is important, as Ed points out there will come a point in a business where you can’t do everything by yourself and delegating roles to others will become crucial. 

With a great team, it can be easier to keep a stronger and more focused mindset. 

“Mindset is very important. It allows for trial and error, and for a community support system to help push you in the right direction,” Ed explains. 

Some days, Ed admits, some things will go wrong, leading entrepreneurs to question their decisions. Having a strong mindset is the key to get back on track. 

In the next year, Ed will be pursuing an opportunity that came from forming a good partnership with the owners of a 180 unit building that he met on Instagram. 

“I plan on working with them more long term and coming onboard as the rental and leasing manager. There’s something special about being a part of a project this significant and developing a building from ground up. From wearing the leasing manager hat to being the voice of the building, it’s an amazing opportunity and I’m excited to continue building my portfolio of ventures like this,” Ed says. 

 At the end of the day, Ed is a shining example of the light that is at the end of the tunnel. Despite initial setbacks in his career, he was able to reframe his true passion, and pursue social media for real estate – something he is uniquely qualified and skilled to do. 

For the realtors reading this, check out IGRE Coaching online to learn more about Ed’s Instagram course he offers to hungry real estate professionals seeking to scale their social media to the next level, and follow Ed on Instagram to keep up to date with his newest successes. 

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