INTERVIEW: Eric Miko Findlay of Seahaven

Hi Eric, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi! I’ve been well, thank you for having me!

So your band Seahaven has recently released their new single “Moon”.

Yea, it was the first song we led with when announcing. It’s rather energetic all around and we felt it was a good starting point when introducing Halo of Hurt.

Did you have any on the writing of the song? What was the inspiration for it?

I remember Kyle playing that intro/verse riff and looking to me for drum ideas. I went into some 32nd note hi hat thing that felt super driven and we took it from there. Regarding inspiration, I never think too hard- I throw around the first few things that come natural and bounce ideas off my band to solidify the grooves/fills.

The single comes off your new album Halo of Hurt – do you know the story behind the title?

It’s a lyric from the song ‘I Don’t Belong Here’- I don’t write those but our singer Kyle said that song generally encompasses the overall theme of the record lyrically.

How was the recording and writing process?

Writing process was stretched out over a year or so- most work was done with the 4 of us in a room together. We’re all pretty busy guys, so to find that time was sometimes difficult. It gave time to sit on ideas and let it simmer between sessions. Recording went smoothly- we were well prepared and simply entered the studio to lay down what we just did in pre-production at home. Knocked drums and bass out together in like 2 days, It was a pretty relaxed 3 weeks in Omaha.

After six years inactive and I am guessing you picking on other gigs and project – was it easy to jump into the particular sound the band has come to be known?

Super easy. Seahaven has been the bulk of my career and I’ve known my band members for a couple decades. I can’t imagine it being easier than us 4 in a room together. The more difficult and challenging work is other gigs themselves- having to find the happy medium between being myself behind the kit, and helping that artist achieve what they are going for. So far so good though, can’t complain!

2010 was entirely different, from a musical to a world perspective – so for this record did you and the band seek to bring back some of that magic or you get to experiment with other different sounds?

 I think Halo is pretty inline with our catalog and the proper next step for us. Every record has been us playing what we like and what feels good. The process of this one was similar to that of our first 10 years ago. We’d meet up, get on our instruments and just make some noise.

Not only music has changed, but also gears have gotten any better – did you get to upgrade your gear and how would you say that influenced the sound on the entire album?

I dove into the electronic side of percussion- so when writing and working out songs we had the ability to plan for electronic and programming parts live. With what Roland has to offer in their line-up of products the possibilities are endless. There’s not a crazy amount of that on the album, but when we get to gig again I have a cool set up in mind using pads and triggers. Aside from that I have this nasty/awesome hobby of collecting cymbals and drums to just have because it’s rad- and to have an array of equipment to choose from depending on the gig or sound I’m going for.

How would you say touring life has helped you shape and polish your work as a drummer, especially when on a studio recording an album?

One of my favorite parts about touring is meeting other drummers and spending weeks or months together sharing and trading information, technique, ideas etc. Also being on tour I play every day, which means I work on my pad everyday. While in normal daily life it’s hard to dedicate hours and hours to the craft but on tour there’s no excuse. I’m there to play and I take full advantage of that. This bleeds into studio work as the more touring I do, the better I get. Makes studio work easier.

Where did you personally find the inspiration for the songs on this album? What else is happening next in Eric Miko Findlay’s world?

I listen to a lot of different music and draw inspiration from many places, I can’t pinpoint direct inspiration. Seahaven is very vocal and guitar driven- so finding the right parts that compliment and support those elements is just as challenging as it is rewarding. Currently with the touring world rather dormant- I’m working on entering the social/ online side of drumming. I’ve been a huge supporter and fan of the online drum community for years now. I’m working on putting out some short and easy to digest content and simply contribute.

Eric Miko Findlay


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