HOT HALF DOZEN Nov. 30, 2020

Angels In New York City single and video by Meïa Meïa. Ominous, strange, yet approachable with lyrics we call relate to and music that moves us. We could all use her angles.  The Spanish-born/NYC-based Meïa is unique and you will love her. Video at Follow her at

 Sol Redondo by Fernanda Ulibarra with Denise Gutierrez. A collaboration made in heaven.  Sung in Spanish, Fernanda’s voice is heartbreaking – it will make you sway and feel deeply in your gut. The music from the Ensamble Arpas Musas (First Mexican Harps) flows along like a friendly river.  Just beautiful.  Available on Spotify Follow her on Facebook.

 Take Me single by Amanda Abizaid. I have known Abizaid as a rock singer and a  blues singer, so I was excited to hear this modern pop ballad.  Wow – She blows me away. So soft yet so powerful;  so smooth, yet so energetic.  Stream on all platforms.  Follow her at

Hear Me Out video and single by KORDELYA with Jame.  Kordelya creates her own musical reality in Hear Me Out from her recent album Mal Hecha, a telephone love story that feels like a dream wrapped in hip hop lyrics and slickly produced beats. Put it on repeat.  Streaming on all platforms.

Incantation by Whitney Tai with Emer Kinsella. Breathtaking, like much of Whitney Tai’s music, Incantation sweeps you up and carries you into her galaxy of a soul – and maybe yours too.  There is no one like Tai;  this single for her new album Apogee is stunning. – she converts notes into feelings.  The new video – which is lush and beautiful and haunting, will be released on Friday.  Available on Spotify, all platforms.

6. All My Girls Like to Fight single by Hope Tala. A single off the new album Girl  Eats Sun is sheer pleasure, as are her other songs – a combination of seduction, hip hop, tough message and intricate composition so addictive it sounds simple.  Available for streaming on Spotify. Follow her at

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