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Enjoy These Fantastic Australian Water Sports!

One of the best ways to keep yourself entertained when living by the seaside or a beach is by enjoying all the adventure water sports activities. These activities often allow a person to de-stress or revitalize themselves, simply by becoming engaged in a thrilling experience.

Surely there are other benefits too but these watersports activities are commonly available at most sea coasts with reliable malibu boats Australia built speedsters. Together, these two could make a person enjoy a fun ride that’ll be forever etched into their memories.

Popular Australian Water Sports

Among the plethora of different types of water sports widely popular among the visitors and natives, the following three types of Water Sports are more frequently  observed to be enjoyed by both:

Water Skiing

In this watersport, a person has his legs usually attached to a single slalom ski or with twin skis that are tied to a Malibu boat with a 75 ft rope. The person maintains a forward-facing stance while the boat cuts through the water at a comparatively higher speed between 26-34 mph which also provides for heavy shoulder and arms workout.

Stunts, tricks, and techniques such as high spray turns, wake cutting, and slalom racing are possible in water skiing whose skis themselves could cost between $280 to $1500 depending on their models. Prices are competitive especially in hobbies like this. That is why if you are giving this kind of hobby some extra effort and attention, visiting your local waterski shop would be of great help. Speaking with professionals who have quite extensive experience can help you choose the right gear much easier.  


A person participating in wake surfing uses a surfboard or skimboard style board to surf the waves behind the boat. The start may be taxing on the body despite the dragging Malibu boat maintaining a lower speed between 10-15mph. It is because the unbound feet of the surfer must hold grip while the rider aims to let go of the rope as soon as the boat wave emerges.

The tricks should be performed carefully with subtle body shifts to prevent injuring yourself with a facepalm from the water surface if you fail. The initial practice of mere twenty or thirty minutes may cause soreness in the body which then decreases the more you practice, allowing for longer sessions extending up to a couple of hours.


Wakeboarding is seemingly an easier water sport but factually it could be fatal when the person fails to maintain their sideways stance. The body experiences a mild and asymmetrical workout while it is being pulled at a lesser speed between 19-22 mph with the feet planted or latched to the wide snowboard-style board.

These boards could cost between $200-$550 which allows for performing numerous tricks namely, Wake jumping, unique flips, high aerials, and some 360-degree tricks. The surfer must be skilled enough to maintain their form while they’re straight pulled with a static rope that maintains a 65 feet distance from Malibu boats.

Final Words

The Malibu boats Australia made for water sports provide plenty of enjoyment to the enthusiast who could also use them in large lakes and similar water bodies. These Australian water sports are also popular and doable in other destinations of the world with the use of similar equipment and conditions.

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