Director Param Gill’s “Bad President” is Anything But Bad…In Fact, It’s Downright Hilarious

You don’t need to be a democrat, republican or even a Martian to appreciate the extremely subversive, highly entertaining and downright hilarious antics of director and writer Param Gill’s (Hotel Hollywood, Warrior Savitri) newest film Bad President, which the erstwhile director wrote alongside accomplished scribe John Buchanan. In fact, the only credentials you need to appreciate this funny comedy is a sense of humor and perspective, something that, in 2020, has seemingly been in short supply all across the political spectrum.

 Plying its wares from the same mold that formed and shaped such irreverent comedies as Airplane, The Naked Gun, This Is the End and Hot Shots, Bad President hits the ground running with the promise to “answer a question that has obsessed America and the world since November 8, 2016.” Namely, just how exactly did President Trump become leader of the free world? Still with me, Dear and Constant Readers? If you’ve gotten this far through my review, perhaps then this is the movie for you.

 Bad President –which features wicked and sly turns from actors Eddie Griffin, Robert Amico, Zang Angelfire, Dawna Lee Heising and a whole passel of other extremely talented actors – posits a scenario where a narcissistic, Machiavellian character by the name of Donald Trump decides to throw his hat in the ring as a candidate for President of the United States of America. Just how he goes about this is where things take a fanciful turn (or perhaps not; it depends on who you ask): It appears as if Trump has made a literal deal with ol’ Beelzebub to ascend into the highest position in U.S. government. Let the games begin.

To get a couple of important things out of the way at the start: Yes, actor Jeff Rector (Crazy Love, Automation) is hilarious as Donald Trump (Watch your back, Alec Baldwin). And yes, the one and only Stormy Daniels does act in the film and does so quite well, thank you very much.

 It’s not that Bad President has the so-called moxy to lampoon a sitting American President; numerous movies of past and present have championed such an approach. Where they have fallen short is exactly where Gill and Company pick up the slack and come through like gangbusters: The film’s primary charm is that it never resorts to preachiness or grandstanding unlike other recent cinematic attempts. Param Gill and John Buchanan work with the best gag man in the business to get their material for the film – Donald Trump himself, along with his coterie of Washington elites such as Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Betsy DeVos, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Mike Pence (“Fly? What fly?”) and Nancy Pelosi. This absurd crew that used to only exist in Monty Python flicks is now very much the real political world and a better source of jokes you will not find outside of a Hollywood writing room. Or central casting, at the very least.  The writing duo know all-too well that anything that they create for Bad President will all but pale in comparison to the real-world material that the entire political spectrum has offered up over the last four years and they wisely play up on all of the tropes that our news beleaguered brains know well.

Major kudos should be bestowed upon what is a fast, funny and altogether delightful romp through the nasty world of politics as it exists in 2020. Again, much credit goes to the direction and writing. And on that salient note, Vents extends heartfelt condolences for one-half of the Buchanan-Gill writing team: Writer extraordinaire John Buchanan passed away while in the process of writing the script for Bad President. The movie is rightfully dedicated to his immeasurable talent and his gift for turning a phrase. This film acts as an appropriate epitaph for a talent gone too soon.

 Check out Bad President on Amazon Prime today…This reviewer highly recommends it.

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