7 Best Onenote Alternatives in 2021

One note is a destination we all need in our lives, as it has so many features which we use regularly. It has replaced our diary writing habit and given us many new features which we have never gotten in our personal diary. If you are an organized person (not only organised but MONICA organised if you have watched FRIENDS then you know it, if not then you can skip this point) then you should surely install this in your PC or laptop as it will help you organise your cluttered data nicely. Maybe Onenote is the pioneer of this field but there are many other platforms which we can use instead, as some of them have features way better than Onenote, you can check out ​OneNote Alternative ​in this list.

1.Google Keep-It is a simple note-taking tool. We can use it by synchronising it via Googledrive. Its platforms are Android, iOS, Chrome, Web, Desktop, some of its advantages are,


  • As it has a minimal interface its loading speed is very less and we can quickly write down our notes.
  • It automatically saves everything which is time-saving.
  • You can access it from any device from Mobile to your PC at all times.
  • It is a very good bookmarking tool which helps in bookmarking sites for later use.


  • Google can access your data.
  • you will necessarily need a google account.
  • It will become disorganised if you have a large no. of notes.
  • No facility to undo your action which is a very big drawback.

2. Notion- It is another replacement for Onenote. Its platforms are Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, and Web. Some of its advantages are,


  • We can add high-quality visual images to it.
  • It has improved the drawback of the last one and in Notion, we can store many pages inside another page.
  • It has a quick search bar.


  • It has no true backup.
  • It has less formatting than evernote.

3​. Evernote- It is also a note taking and idea capturing platform. It has many features which are better than the Microsoft Onenote’s features. It works on platforms such as,Android, iOS, WP, Windows and WebOs. Some of its features are,


  • It can collect all your information from different places at one place.
  • ●     It is way more Trustworthy than any other platforms, as we can see from its previous records.
  • It has many advance features which make it easy to use and therefore tops my list.


  • We can use the free version just for two devices.
  • Maybe it has many advanced features but it lag in text formatting.
  • They are making you pay for many features like, offline access and search.

4.Workflowy- This is another alternative to Onenote and it offers many useful features. It workson platforms such as Web, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS.


  • Very minimal interface which makes it easy to understand and work.
  • You can skip from one device to another in no time, as it has a very good sync between devices.
  • You can easily import and export through OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language).


  • We can’t attach images to our document .
  • It doesn’t support well in mobile devices.
  • It has a very boring interface as it has only two colour, black and white.

5.Synapbook-Have you heard, that tree structure helps you in memorising anything easily?this platform works on that pattern, as you can store your stuff in a tree structure, some of its features are,


  • We will get frequent updates on this platform.
  • We can use this platform, offline also.
  • we can fold the groups.
  • The only disadvantage is that it doesnot support iOS, it only supports Android and desktop.

6.Boostnote- This is one of my favourites and it works best with Windows, MacOS and Linux.Some of its features are,


  • This platform works best for developers.
  • It works offline also.
  • It is a free version, which makes it the best.


  • It has a very poor syncing and it uses a third party for syncing like dropbox.

7.Standard notes- It has very unique feature that it is a encrypted form and only you canaccess your account, some of its features are listed below,


  • It is faster than many other platforms and easy to load also.
  • ●     There are many themes to organise your stuff.


  • Formatting is a paid service here.

Now that I have listed 7 of the best alternatives, you can note it down on any of the above platforms so that you can use this info whenever you want.

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