4 Steps to stop algae growth concrete troughs

A watering trough is one of the most essential needs you need to keep in mind if you are looking to keep livestock. For animals that live in a meadow, they must be provided with fresh water. However, the biggest problem water concrete troughs situated in open are to keep them clean and free of algae. 

Algae is one of the biggest problems livestock owners face as it changes the quality of the water for worse and makes animals sick and discourages them to drink water. On top of that, they look ugly too. If your livestock drinks too much of this water, they can get sick and affect their health.

So, how can you get rid of these harmful algae?

Steps that can help you stop algae in the concrete trough:

What follows are the steps you can implement to stop the algae growth in the clean water concrete troughs: 

Use a sulphate 

For years, copper sulphate and zinc sulphate have been usedas algae prevention agents by livestock owners. If you don’t have sheep then with the proper use, you can get rid of the algae. If you want to use them then make sure you connect with a veterinarian or look for instructions on a formulation or you can just go to the shop and buy a ready-made one.

Add Barley Straw

It is yet to know how barley straw affects the algae but the main thing is that it eliminates it from the tank. When these straws decompose, they tend to deoxygenate the water. Hence, do your study first and then add them as per the results. Ensure that the barley straw you used is not exposed to chemicals or you can try to purchase commercial barley straw products.  

Scrub Regularly

Well, it is the time that you roll your sleeves up and time to get dirty. Grab a brush and start scrubbing it to keep it clean and algae-free. You may have to do this once a week, depending on the algae growth you experience. Let your livestock drink down the water as you will not waste the valuable water and it will be easy for you to drain, rinse, and refill. 

Move the Tank to the Shade

Algae are no different than any other plant as it also needs sunlight to grow. So, if you take the sunlight away, your biggest part of the problem will be solved. Avoid using tree canopy as shade; you will face the new problem of bird droppings. The shadyside of a structure or a separate roof structure can work wonder for you. If you want to keep it simple and inexpensive then you can leave shade cloth suspended above the tank. 

Final Words 

Algae can be a big problem for your livestock. Getting rid of them is very necessary for you and your livestock. These steps can help you to purify concrete water troughs and help you keep them clean and healthy. 

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