Which is the best Mario game of all time? Will there be a new Mario game in 2020?


Even though he is a video game character and had several other more jobs, Mario might be one of the most famous plumbers ever. This character has been featured in over two hundred games that were distributed over twelve gaming platforms. To platforms, go-cart racing, and Role-playing games, Mario has seen it all. Mario’s character is very recognizable, and new games releasing in the franchise are global events that match the likes of Grand Theft Auto. These are some of the most fun and influential games that have ever graced our living room consoles. Super Mario Bros that was released in 1985, which had been my introduction to the Mario series of games, was so influential that it saved the video game industry from the crash it suffered.


 There are over 200 Mario games that have spanned in all eight console generations; however, the game that started it all was called “Donkey Kong” which was an arcade game that was released almost 40 years ago in 1981. Mario’s plot revolved around trying to save his girlfriend, Pauline, from a huge ape called Donkey Kong. It was the first platforming game that had four different stages. The gameplay revolved around Mario going up ladders onto other platforms while simultaneously avoiding and jumping over different enemies and obstacles.


This might be one of the most challenging and most controversial questions to answer as there are over two hundred games in the franchise that cater to different gameplay types. Some might think the best game of all time might be the 1985 Super Mario Bros, which was not only one of the best games ever made but also one of the most influential games that were ever made. This game might even have a lot of nostalgic value for people that have grown in the eighties and nineties. However, when deciding the best Mario game of all time, I will select it based on my personal preference and opinion, which is very subjective. Your idea might be different than mine, which means that none of us is wrong in our declarations if you might think otherwise, but you can at least hear me out and try to understand my point of view.

The Best Mario game of all time, in my humble opinion, is……*drum roll*…” Super Mario Odyssey.” Before you get your pitchforks out, hear me out.

Super Mario Odyssey, which was released in 2017, is one of the most joyful experiences I had. This game redefines a genre that it originally invented. It has the same old plotline of Princess Peach being kidnapped by Bowser, but this still feels all new.

Super Mario Odessey has Mario travelling over different kingdoms with his new sidekick called “Cappy” whose sister “Tiara” was also kidnapped by Bowser. This new sidekick adds a new gameplay feature called “possession”, in which Mario can control or possess different enemy types from Goombas to dinosaurs. These possessions help in various stages where Mario can collect Power Moons used to unlock other kingdoms. Cappy can also be used as a weapon or a trampoline to jump over enemies.

Some Kingdoms have 2D realms in a 3D world where you can play as the Original Mario from Super Mario Bros. One of the most notable kingdoms is called New Dong City, which almost looks like a real-life city where Mario has to solve puzzles and jump over the people’s heads to find some power moons. There are also different side activities to keep you busy, like Jump ropes or a Remote Control Car Race.

The real challenge of Mario Odyssey mainly lies in the puzzles and challenges that are thrown at you at every stage. However, death is not much of a consequence as you only lose 10 Gold coins due to falling off a platform.

There is also a lot of content after you finish the game, and the credits roll after the 17-hour gameplay which keeps you busy for a while.

This game had me smiling the whole time. Even though the old games were iconic and are still yet super playable, Super Mario Odyssey, for me at least, was the definitive Mario experience and dare I say, the best Mario experience I have ever had.


This year has seen Nintendo relaunching a lot of Mario games on its 35th anniversary. These games include updated versions of many Super Mario games, a Battle-Royale Styled multiplayer game called “Super Mario Bros. 35”, where you play Super Mario Levels with other players, and “Mario Kart Live” which is a racing game. They also plan on relaunching a game called “Super Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Fury” which will launch in the first quarter of 2021. Other than that, Nintendo does not plan on releasing any new Mario games in 2020.

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