Tattoo Artist Ben Shaw – A Trend Setter in the Tattoo Industry

Many people step into the industry and start their business in this world, but success never is a part of everyone’s life. Moreover, people who come with a cause and do their business know-how to succeed in their lives. These people are determined and loyal to their objectives. It makes them achieve their goal. Success is not that you are earning higher and stuffing your banks with dollars. Success means that you achieve your goal and chase your dreams.

About Ben

Ben Shaw is the name of the success, which has turned his love and passion for tattooing into a goal. He loves making tattoos, and he ultimately established a tattoo business. The story has not finished yet, because Ben has come into the industry to promote ethical tattooing practices. In the present world, making images on the body is highly common, but a man should know what he is doing as per Ben. He should know what harm he can cause to the body; he must be ethical. Everyone wants to be unique and different, so having tattoos can give them satisfaction. But, we should be ethical in all these activities.

Life story

Ben Shaw, born a military brat, now belongs to New Mexico. He is a tattoo artist who has set the trend of ethical practice in the tattoo industry. He contributes to the growing New Mexico industry by co-founding the New Mexico guild of ethical Tattooists. His creative nature had kept him busy in tattoo making. He has been doing these tasks since he was just a kid. At the age of 16, he got his first tattoo, which now 70% of his body is tattooed. His love for tattoos made him start his own tattoo business, and he did so at the age of 20. He admires those who make tattoos on their body ethically and with all precautions. Ben always prefers this habit and promotes it in the industry.

Excellent tattoo making has led him to expand his business and set his brand name in New Mexico. At Art Fusion, he was working as a host, besides settling his business. He used this stage to promote ethical, tattooing practices.


Ben wants to highlight the unlicensed and illegal practice of tattooing, and he has done it by using the various studios and artists. He has encouraged people to get tattooed, but he wants to inform them that people are aware of what they are getting into. Ben needs the artists to utilize the correct tactics while practicing and tattooing in a hygienic environment. It improves the art of tattoo making.

How to contact Him?

In this digital age, where trends have been changing continuously, communication has taken a new turn. Yes, it is shifted to social media and online. People interact with each other on social networks and learn about each other on social media posts.

 Similarly, you can join your favorite star, Ben Shaw, on Instagram and his other social network accounts without any problem. He is available for all his followers and fans. No doubt, he is enjoying a massive fan bank, and all his followers are true tattoo lovers too. Therefore, they love to join him and follow his practice to be ethical for tattooing. In short, you can join the talented star on social media on Instagram without any hassle. Moreover, you can view his highly amazing profile, and there are many things for your interest. Learn more about Ben at

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