Sister Kristy Is More Than a Pretty Face and a Stacked Insta Account — Add Animal Activist and Cat Foster-Parent to Her Resume

Many people know Sister Kristy — a model and self-made influencer — from her sexy photoshoots on her Instagram and Facebook pages. And many people might be quick to judge her for her choices. But Sister Kristy knows who she is, and the nay-sayers are hardly ever on her radar. Starting with a goal to get 20K Instagram followers and crushing that goal with 230K, Sister Kristy owes no apologies. But there’s more to this small town, Canadian gal than lacy bra pics — that’s for sure! Something most people might not know is she has a super soft spot for animals.

When Sister Kristy is not working on her photos, she’s devoting time to AARCS, the Alberta animal rescue crew. Kristy’s affiliation with AARCS happened quite nonchalantly. While shopping for cat food at one of her local pet stores, Kristy asked the store clerk if they knew anything about fostering, and the clerk suggested AARCS.

Sister Kristy says the fostering process is a much better environment for a homeless cat than a shelter. Shelter life is cold and impersonal and can be a significant source of stress for cats. With the fostering process, the cat spends time socializing with people in a home rather than staying in a cage at the shelter. The foster parent provides food, shelter, and love to the cat while it waits for its forever home.

Sister Kristy explains that many of the animals that come to the shelter have never been in a home with attentive owners. In these cases, the fostering process preps the animal to be in a household setting. “Sometimes, if the animal has a rough start in life, they need to be taught that they can trust humans and that it’s a safe space,” offers Kristy. Having a home and loving caregiver helps them overcome whatever they may have suffered before arriving at the shelter. The fostering stage of their lives also prepares them for a better adjustment and a better experience with their adopted caregivers because they have experienced what it’s like to be in a home with loving owners.

People who want to foster can usually do what Sister Kristy did and inquire at a local pet supply store or shelter. She explains the shelters typically have a list of cats and other animals that need fostering. The list includes essential information about the animal, such as its name, if it’s spayed or neutered, its age, and any medical issues. The list will also show if the animal has been cleared for adoption.

After you get approved for fostering, you can pick out a cat from the list and make arrangements to pick it up and begin your fostering experience together. While fostering, Kristy says you can help the shelter advertise for the animal’s forever home by writing a bio about the animal after getting to know it better. You can also take pictures and post them on social media to help search for this animal’s forever home.

Some shelters want any potential owners to go through them for all of the meetups with the animal.  In these cases, fosters need to be able to go to the shelter for the meetings. However, some shelters will let fosters set up their meet and greets with potential owners and just require the adoption process to go through the shelter. Either way, the foster provides a valuable service for the animal, and the animal gets a much better environment than the shelter as it waits to be adopted.

Sister Kristy’s love for animals, especially ones who need extra care, is an endearing quality that brings this star-level influencer down to earth for many people. Most people have many layers to their lives and personalities, and Sister Kristy is no exception. If you have the time and space, please consider providing a homeless cat or dog with a temporary home and a much-needed break from the shelter this holiday season.

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