How Best To Use the Advantages of Online Notary Services

A decade back, it would have been impossible to think that legal matters could be solved hassle-free. But today many a things pertaining to legal matters can be done online. While many may argue the authenticity and validity of such online services, the Covid-19 Pandemic has plunged us all into hot waters where we were made to try new things without second thoughts. Utilizing the services of an online notary is one of the things that havegained popularity in this new world of 2020.

Since the pandemic mandated people to remain indoors and work and study from home, every important legal matterwas withheld for months. But how long can you delay the signing of important legal documents? With no signs of the virus loosening its grips over nations, it has become imperative that we continue with our life, while making some procedural changes as we go along.

Signing a document in front of a notary public has always been an important step in the legal systems. The idea behind a government-authorized notary public is simple. There must be a state-sanctioned person (not a lawyer) who would verify person(s) and their documents. Notary public has always been an important and crucial part of the legal system but until now their value wasn’t realized.

Is Online Notary Legal?
The Coronavirus pandemic made this entire process of person-to-person validation impossible as people were mandated to sit at home to safeguard themselves and their families. That’s when online notaries became popular. However they have existed even before the pandemic. Electronic notarization is legally accepted all over the country, however currently only 29 states allow notaries to sign documents remotely. It is important to understand that notaries aren’t legal advisors. They cannot offer paid legal services. They are only authorized to validate documents, rental agreements, wills, etc.

What is Remote Notarization? 
A notary is a public representative who acts as an impartial witness while people sign important documents which is then verified by the notary. It is the job of the notary public to verify the identity of the person(s) signing the documents and to validate their willingness and mental ability to do so. It is also the job of the notary to explain the importance of the document to the persons concerned.

One of the most important stepsin notarization has always been the physical presence of the signers in front of the notary so as to enable them to authenticate the person(s) involved. In recent years (even prior to the pandemic) remote online notarization became popular mainly because of the convenience of it. It is not surprising really that so many states in the United States have today legalized remote notaries.

How Is Remote Notarization Different?                
So, how is remote notarization different from the traditional system? As the name quite clearly states, everyactivity happens remotely where one person doesn’t physically meet the other. The Internet is used as a medium for the signers and the notary to be present at the same but from the comfort of their homes. The most common method, in fact the established means of connecting the individuals involved is via live audio-visual call. This allows the signer and the notary to see each other and also to speak with each other. Through a web call platform, the face-to-face contact requirement is easily satisfied. 

The signing happens electronically and both the parties are required to electronically sign the documents. After this, the notary must affix an electronic seal while recording the entire process. Once this is over, the signer can access and use the notary copy as per their requirement.

Why Remote Notarization Is The Future?            
The Covid-19 virus will ebb away soon. People will soon go about doing their normal activities as they did before. Physical contact, person-to-person interaction will resume soon enough. Though we cannot say how soon all this will happen, we can surely say that it will happen. Does that mean that the popularity of remote notary will soon fade away? If we are to look at things pragmatically, then we can safely say that it’snot likely to happen.

Also, since most states in US have already legalized remote notaries, they will become even more popular in the coming years. It can rightly be said that remote notarization is the future as it offers convenience like never before.

How You Can Get in Touch with an Online Notary           
Getting any official document signed by a notary has always been considered a difficult job. Finding a suitable notary, fixing an appointment, getting everything ready has always been cumbersome. Though everyone understands the importance of a notary, very few like to get in touch with them personally. Fortunately with the rising popularity of online notaries, they have become easily accessible to the general public. Today you don’t need to go looking for an authorized notary anymore. You can find one on the web.

There’s more. Today, there are many agencies that provide remote online notary services. Such services are reliable and ensure that the authorization process is convenient and hassle-free. The best of these agencies often go into corporate partnerships that simply exceed customer service expectations.You can easily get in touch with them and get the job done in the least possible time. Everything happens smoothly and without any glitches. The best part is that you do not need to step out of your house to get the job done.

However, a word of caution must be mentioned. Though you will find numerous online notary service providers easily, before you enlist their services check their authenticity. Many may claim to be authentic service providers but they may not have the necessary state accreditation. Check theirtestimonials and research a little bit more before taking any step further.

Who would have thought that getting a notary public would become so easy? But today it has become very easy, thanks to these online providers. Get in touch with the right service provider and get your job done in a jiffy.

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