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Co-founder of Jebomedia, Paul Prince

Everyone has different goals in life, but not everyone shows the courage to pursue his passion. People got tired of hard work, or can only focus on a single thing in their entire life. Paul Prince is a person who is fearless of failure, trying all of the different things, he loves to do. He feels that this could stay us alive to do everything we love to do. He is a writer, producer, director, artist, author, and many more. He is the Acting administrator and co-founder of the company Jebomedia Inc.

About Jebomedia

Jebomedia was established in 2016 by Paul Prince with his partner. This Canadian film company produces photoshoots, series, music videos, and movies. The main focus of the company is on the production of series and movies. 

Jebomedia is also taking part in different activities of Plug Network as its parent company. 

The Plug Network is an entertainment network working on events, podcasts, and magazines. Paul Prince hosts a podcast episode every second Sunday with a partner DonBondo. The other members of the podcast also bring innovation in each episode.  

The Plug Network includes plug promotions and events, plug magazine, the Plug Show, Jebomedia Music Label (JBM), The Atlas awards, Jebomedis Music and film festivals, and Jtmco that is working as a non-profit organization and helping the needy and poor.

Paul Prince in Music

“Pretty Lady” was his first single released in 2017. In 2020, during the pandemic Paul took his passion for music more seriously and worked in collaboration with different artists. Now, he is going to release five music videos and ten songs.

His first album by his name is also going to release next month on his birthday on December 22nd. Disco Party, you a star, and chosen one are the main songs of the album.

Paul Prince a Book Writer

 He is a writer of movies, books, novels, and short stories. A Transient Ride is his first book. It is a compilation of short stories. As its name shows, this short novel is a ride to Paul’s mind. It is now available on kindle, amazon, and various other platforms. 

Lost in Europe is also written by Paul. While reading the book, he may feel as if he is living or traveling to Europe. This book will be released in 2021.

Paul Prince’s work in Movies 

·   Wrong decisions are written, directed, and co-produced by Paul Prince. The story moves around Jonathan smith who is a detective in the movie and once decides to go out the way and do something he never thinks of before. Wrong decision is going to release in Feb 2020. 

·   Run is written, directed, and co-produced by Paul Prince. In the movie, a man had murdered previously and now killing others as revenge. A gifted track runner is witnessing his murder and now trying to escape from being murder by him. 

·   Paul Prince is the writer of the movie MBM. A mob boss’s wife was murdered, and now he is trying to seek revenge, but things turn dangerous. 


All of his work shows the determination and hard work of the Paul prince. Only a multitalented and super energetic person can handle all of this stuff. He is the man who loves to try all of the different things he wants to do in his life.     

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