Laser Etching – What makes it the best marking technology?

Marking and labelling has become much easier and convenient thanks to the invention of laser etching machines. Over the years laser technology has found several applications in various sectors such as automobiles, aircraft to jewelry designing.  Laser markers themselves have undergone several upgrades to make laser etching accurate and quick.

Here are some of the notable advantages of laser etching – Learn Heatsign

1. Versatility – One of the most attractive feature about using laser technology is that it allows you to engrave on several different types of surfaces such as leather, plastics, wood and ceramics to sturdier surfaces such as metal. This means all you need is one laser machine which can be used for working with a variety of packages and products.

2. Reduced manpower – As you might already know laser technology focuses light to create the engraving. And there is also need for the machine to come in direct contact with the product. These features reduce the need for additional manpower.

3. Unbeatable quality – Delicate artworks need high precision and accuracy to look good. Even the most sophisticated designs with lots of tiny elements can be easily etched with laser technology. The need for human intrusion is minimal and is required all during the designing process. Once the software is fed into the computer the machine carries out the work on its own delivering a very clear and high quality design engraved on the product surface.

4. Cost effective solution – The marking technology that requires dyeing or any other chemical processes calls for additional costs. This type of printing method needs a dye replacement for different types of printing and the wear and tear of such machines is also frequent. Laser machines on the other hand have no such requirements and so are low maintenance. Hence laser etching promises to deliver a clean and consistent printing at a comparatively lower cost.

5. Imitations can be prevented – As mentioned above laser etching leaves an accurate and detailed mark. This reduces the chances of illegal forging of original products.

6. Saves time and energy – Laser technology is superfast along with being highly precise. This technology gives clients the benefit of getting their products etched within a short period of time. Some of the top laser etching machines have a printing speed as high as around 5 to 7m/s. Laser technology continues to evolve and is sure to gather more momentum within a short period.

7. The markings are here to stay forever – With all other forms of printing, it has been seen that the markings often get faded or come off during transportation. Products with a longer shelf life are susceptible to this problem. Laser etching, however, eradicates this problem because these etchings are permanent and can stand the wear and tear of transportation and rough handing.

8. Readable etchings – Enough can’t be said about the precision of the engravings. The markings are made with such great quality and accuracy that even the tiniest detail of the design tend to stand out. Whether it is product information, number plate, images or even intricate patterns, laser engraving offers the best quality even on the smallest and delicate surface.

9. Chemical treatments of any kind are not required – Most of the other marking processes make use of chemical treatments before and post printing to make the printing durable. This increases the cost and time required for printing. However, since laser etching does not require the use of any other substances or fluids it is the most effective marking technology.

10. Clean and eco-friendly – Laser engraving is clean. The machine does not use any kind of harmful chemicals neither does it cause any sort of poisonous emissions. Thus it does not pose any environmental threat and is entirely eco-friendly. These kinds of marking therefore can also be used for printing on food product packages.

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