7 Tips for Making Barista-Quality Coffee at Home

These days more and more of us are spending time at home, and we don’t all necessarily have a great barista around the corner. Now our homes are the hub of life: work, play, education, exercise, you name it, and it probably happens at home.

Therefore, if you are craving your favorite barista-style coffee, follow these tips, and get brewing! You’ll be able to make delicious brews for the whole family or keep these secrets to yourself.

You will need a grinder and a method for brewing your coffee (like the ones here: https://unocasa.com).

#1 Buy the best quality coffee you can

Quality definitely matters with coffee. You want to invest in a grinder so that you can buy the whole beans. Why? Because the oils that the beans exude when ground are delicious in your coffee. The longer the beans have been ground, the more oils have evaporated into the air. You want them in your brew!

If you have a local coffee roaster in your area who can grind the beans for you, you can skip this step. But if you really want the very best tasting coffee, grind it yourself.

#2 How and when you grind matters

When looking for a coffee grinder, get one that will give you consistent results. The most pricey is a burr grinder (as opposed to a blade grinder). Burr grinders use two abrasive surfaces that revolve against each other to grind the beans and are preferred by baristas to provide superior tasting coffee.

If the best you can afford is a hand grinder, not to worry. You will get better results with a hand grinder than you would if you bought previously ground coffee in the supermarket!

Aim for a medium to medium-fine grind. If you grind the beans too coarsely, your coffee will be weak. Too fine of a grind will give you a bitter coffee, so aim for the ‘middle ground’.

Once coffee has been ground, it starts to lose its flavor as the oils evaporate, and the ground beans are more susceptible to moisture.

Therefore, the best time to grind coffee is right before you drink it.

#3 Measure accurately, and store carefully

By measuring accurately, you’ll have a better chance of consistent results. Use a teaspoon or other measuring spoon rather than a coffee scoop.

As for storing any unused coffee, the best way to ensure maximum flavor if you don’t want to grind coffee daily is to grind 5-7 days’ worth at a time and then store it at room temperature. Do not put your ground coffee – or even your coffee beans – in the refrigerator. Ever see coffee beans in the fridge at your local coffee shop? No.

#4 Use good water and clean equipment

The quality of the water for your coffee matters. If your water tastes strongly of chlorine, use bottled or filtered water. And always use cold water and bring it to a boil.

Keep your equipment clean, too. Otherwise, the oils in the coffee that remain in your equipment can leave a bitter taste in your next batch of coffee.

#5 Use the right temperature

You want a temperature between 90°C and 96°C for brewing coffee. You don’t want to pour in water that’s still boiling because it will extract the coffee’s bitter compounds. Once your water has boiled, let it cool for a minute or two.

Avoid reheating your coffee or keeping it on a hot plate for too long, as those are other causes of bitter coffee.

#6Choose your brewing method

How you brew your coffee matters, and the method you choose depends on your lifestyle and personal taste.

If you are someone who enjoys the process of brewing coffee and wants to have complete control over the process, then you’ll like the pour-over method.

The pour-over method is when you pour hot water slowly and evenly over your coffee grounds in a paper or other filter type. The coffee then drips slowly into a pot underneath the filter.

If you like convenience, you might want to use a drip coffee kettle or machine. Some of these have timers that you can set to brew your coffee just before waking up in the morning. These machines simply require you to put in the coffee and the water and press a button.

#7 Steam your milk like the pros do

It’s easy to steam your milk yourself – just get an electric milk frother. Otherwise, you can put your milk in a jar and pop it in the microwave for a few seconds (use low-fat milk for best results).

Happy brewing!

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