10 Clear Signs Your Wife Is Cheating

A marriage is based on mutual love, support, and trust. But what happens when one of the partners decides to go back on these mutual feelings? What follows is painful and emotionally draining. It is not an uncommon sight where marriages have come to an end when one of the two just decided to walk out on promises.

But does it happen suddenly? The answer is no. There are always its and bits of signs everywhere that we notice only when it’s too late or when the deed is already done. Save yourself from such pain, and look at this guide where we talk about ten physical signs your wife is cheating. 

Is your wife cheating on you?

It is already painful enough to think that you would even have to entertain this thought. But there must have been something that probed you to think that way.

If somewhere in your guts you feel that your wife is seeing someone behind your back, it is better to clear your doubt rather than fester it only to realize that you were right all along. It is better to be aware of your situation than to go through painful times later.

If you are proven wrong, then nothing can be better. However, if not, here are ten signs your wife is cheating for you to confirm your thoughts.

Calling you by another name

Your time with your wife is the most private moment between you both, especially in bed. These are the moments when nothing in the world comes in between. Only you comprise her thoughts then, and she comprises yours.

Therefore, if you hear her call someone else’s name out in those moments, things cannot be right. This indicates either of the two things; she wants you to be someone else, or she is sleeping with someone else.

Being extra careful with laundry

Has your wife been too polite where she declines your help with the laundry even when you offer? Is your wife being too caring, or is there an ulterior motive? There have been instances when this small move has been revealed to be an efficient cover-up for affairs.

Clothes disclose a lot of things about what a person has been doing and where they have been. Taking care of laundry is an imminent move on removing any evidence of what she has been up to. You would not be coming across those dinner receipts or movie tickets, with your wife making sure they never fall in your hands.

Does not click or posts pictures with you

A social media account gives a good idea about a person’s life. Especially in today’s days, maintaining a social media account is equivalent to maintaining one’s life.

Therefore, if you notice your wife’s account slowly being cleared of pictures of you or if she has stopped posting pictures with you, there is a high chance she wants to seem available. Social media habits such as this are one of the greatest signs your wife is cheating

Always has the phone on silent mode

Either she really hates her phone ring, or she does not want to draw your attention to how often her phone is ringing on a daily basis. That could only mean that she has calls and messages that she doesn’t want you to see or be aware of.

She would rather keep her phone on silent mode than having you see her reject her calls repeatedly. These indicate just one thing, and we very well know what that might be.

Approaches you like a friend more than a lover

A relationship, no matter how old, can still be as fiery as in the first days. But it depends a lot on the individuals involved, their feelings, and their desire for each other.

But if that dwindles down, there is definitely something wrong. If your wife shows a lack of excitement towards you, that is a big sign your wife is cheating on you.

It might seem okay, but if she keeps saying no to your approach yet still seems fine the way things are, then it might be that you are becoming more of a friend to her than her husband or lover.

Too many shifts at work

Working is a fine thing. One can always be ambitious about their work. But being too ambitious to suddenly go from not liking the job so much to having too many shifts is more than suspicious.

Similar to men, women have been known to use extra work hours as an excuse to have secret rendezvous with their lovers.

Changing passwords all of a sudden

There needs to be certain privacy in every relationship. Respecting that privacy is what builds a healthy relationship.

However, if your wife is being too careful with her passwords or is being jumpy every time you ask for her phone, there might be things she is hiding.

It would be even more questionable if she decides to change her password all of a sudden for no apparent reason.

Too weary about your whereabouts

Another noticeable sign your wife is cheating on you is when she is always worrying about where you are. A person who is cheating on their partner needs to know where their partner is so that they do not get caught doing what they are doing.

At first, it may seem caring on your wife’s part. But if it becomes the case every time you are out of the house, there might be a good chance that you have guests over at your place who you weren’t told about.

Sudden dedication to workout

Everyone wants to look appealing to their significant other. However, is your wife suddenly putting in effort when she did not really care all that much up till a few days ago?

Sudden dedication to keeping oneself fit is a good sign your wife is cheating. Her dedication indicates that she wants to look appealing, only it might not be for you.

Being secretive

A couple needs to have good communication within themselves. Only then can they really be in a healthy and thriving relationship.

However, if you notice our wife being overly secretive about even the tiniest of things, that is a sign your wife is cheating. It is also a sign that indicates that your relationship may not be working as you think it to be.

End line

If your wife is really cheating on you, there will be more than enough signs and indications. These are the things that you may hide as much as you want, but in the end, you will give away one or a few hints here and there. All you got to do is read between the lines.

If that is the case, give yourself time and try to see through why she might be doing what she is doing. It may be that she is missing something in the relationship which she is seeking in another place.

If it is something you can’t understand, try talking to her about her wants, desires, and she might be looking for. You may also seek professional help like going to marriage counselors.

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