Weekend Movie Recommendations: It’s Christmas On Disney+!

Traditionally, I feel like Christmas season begins as soon as Thanksgiving is over. Although, that is clearly not true for a lot of people. I’ve been seeing plenty of Christmas lights and Christmas decorations up already. I suppose this also means it is time to get into watching Christmas movies. With that in mind, I have a few movie recommendations for your Thanksgiving weekend, and they come from Disney+.

I’ll be honest, the reason I am recommending three films from Disney+ is because I searched “Christmas” on the site I use to find what is streaming and two Disney+ films came up. Also, a ton of films I have never heard of before that look terrible. So much bad key art. Anyway, the first two films I am recommending are The Nightmare Before Christmas and Muppets Christmas Carol. Those are two movies you can watch with the family. Both are twists on traditional Christmas fare. The Nightmare Before Christmas basically combines Halloween and Christmas, which some people love. I think it’s a fine movie. Muppets Christmas Carol just takes A Christmas Carol and Muppets it up. It’s my favorite version of A Christmas Carol.

The Santa Clause - Movies on Google Play

You can currently watch the first two Home Alone movies and The Santa Clause on Disney+. I don’t know if I necessarily recommend any of those. There are some fun moments in the two Home Alone movies I suppose. The second one has Tim Curry in it! Also, Donald Trump, which sucks. They also have the original Miracle on 34th Street. If you want something classic, you can go there. Honestly, while it isn’t a traditional Christmas movie, The Sound of Music seems like a good end point for this movie recommendation piece. It feels like the kind of movie people watch around Christmas. Plus, you can also enjoy it with your family as well. Maybe you can start your binge watch early in the afternoon and get all the films in before it’s too late at night. Have a fun day of movie watching!

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