Want to Enjoy A Round of Golf in Any Weather? Here’s What you Should Look Out For!

Most people love to enjoy a round of golf when it’s pretty sunny. But thanks to golfing waterproofs, you can now enjoy a round even when the weather is overcast, windy, and even rainy. From waterproof golf trousers and golf jackets to rainproof hats, golf waterproofs come in a variety of different designs. But they all share one thing in common- they protect you from the wind and rain when you’re on the course.

Men’s golf waterproofs are designed to resist the worst of the elements, all while still providing the right level of flexibility and breathability without meddling with your swing or making your overheat while on the course. The weather conditions will vary during the course of the year, so choose clothing that can be layered up as the weather conditions change.

Choosing the Right Waterproofs for Golfing

When it comes to golfing waterproofs, there are varying degrees of waterproofing options available. You can choose from highly sophisticated materials designed to reduce the impact of the wind, to fully-waterproof fabrics that will keep you dry even in the heaviest of downpours. Here are the three common options:

  • Waterproof: designed to function just as it says by blocking the rain and keeping your base layers dry regardless of the length of your game
  • Windproof: this form of waterproofing doesn’t keep the rain out but it will prevent those biting winds
  • Rainproof: this is not as technical as waterproof, but it still provides better protection than your average golfing jacket

What to Look Out for When Choosing Golfing Waterproofs

Golfing waterproofs have a number of benefits to them. Not only can they keep you dry but they can also keep you warm. That being said, you will need to get something that also looks good.

With thousands of products to choose from it may be easy to get overwhelmed. Here are a few tips that you need to know which will help you find the best golfing waterproofs for your needs:

Look For Waterproof Material

The golfing waterproof should be made of waterproof material that will be able to keep you dry through rain and snow. Some materials such as PVC are more likely to leak than more breathable material such as Gore-Tex. So you will need to look for a breathable material if this is an issue for you.

Along with the fabric also look at the seams of the golfing waterproof. You want the seams to be welded or taped well enough that water and wind will not be able to get through the stitching.

Level of Protection

If you’re the kind of person who will still go out for a game of golf regardless of the weather, you’ll want to ensure you are prepared for all the weather will throw at you. But if you’re typically the kind of golfer who prefers to play in fair weather, you certainly don’t need all that protection. Think of what kind of level of protection you need.

Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve

Some golfers will struggle to make their best swing when wearing waterproofs. Others find waterproofs restricting and this interferes with their game, especially since most of the waterproof jackets you’ll find on the market are long sleeves. A short sleeve waterproof golf jacket will potentially be less restricting, but you must make a compromise on having dry shoulders and arms. So, it’s really upon you to decide whether you need to stay dry and warm on the arms or maintain a perfect swing.


Besides the level of protection a golfing waterproof offers you, perhaps the most critical thing you need to consider when choosing waterproofs is practicality. You want to go for a waterproof that you can easily put on and remove whenever you want, particularly on a rainy day. The most practical golfing jackets are also easy to adjust with elastic or Velcro. This not only offers you the best fit and makes it easier to maintain your swing, but it also makes it easier to put on over your other clothes and golfing shoes.

You want your golfing waterproofs to be lightweight enough so that you can easily tuck them inside your golf bag. They should also be easy to get out of so that you don’t get your other clothes wet while taking them off once you’re done playing. You also need to consider whether you use a large cart bag on a trolley or you normally carry your bag and the amount of space you have. Lastly, the best golf waterproof suits should have pockets on the trousers or jacket to give you easy access to your golf gloves, your scorecard, and your tees so that you don’t disrupt your game as you try to fish out these items from your golf bag.

If you want to avoid rain and wind from interfering with your golfing routine, you should find the best golf waterproofs. The best waterproofs will not only ensure that you stay dry during and after the game, but they should also be lightweight and non-restrictive to ensure they don’t mess up your swing. When shopping for golfing waterproofs, it’s advisable that you try them on and do a couple of practice swings while wearing them. This will help to gauge how each garment can impact or enhance your swing.

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