20 Best Lifestyle Blogs 2020

There is just no doubt that there are several different niches in the blogging community. Blogs will consist of financial details, family activity, lifestyle tips, and hacks, and all items the blogger needs to chat about. One thing I still hear again and again is, “What’s a blog related to lifestyle is about?” There is an overall simple answer to this question.


Blogs about lifestyles are separate from any kinds of blogs. They prefer to concentrate on being a little more visual, ensuring that their actions and interests are displayed with quality pictures.

When you look up the dictionary, the words “lifestyle,” merely means that this is a person or a group’s way of living. 

  • Are stories going to be told here? Yes!
  • Will experiences be addressed and discussed? Yes! Yes!
  • Will there be feelings and tales here and there that shine? Perhaps.
  • But a blog about the lifestyles of every other blogger varies from how it may focus on passions and hobbies, rather than “storytelling” or attempting to bind the reader with words and feelings.

Although a lifestyle blog and a personal blog may have similarities, these two are very distinct.

LIFESTYLE BLOG and PERSONAL BLOG – What’s the difference?

In the first place, understand 100% and hear it loud and clear – a blog in lifestyle is no personal blog or a site to present your life’s diary. When a blog enters the realm of an individual storytelling situation, it’s now entered into a personal blog. Although there are many popular personal blogs, they are different from blogs about lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong here. Both these two blogs in the blogging industry are a great success. But suppose you look at the audience, followers, and engagement. In that case, it is simple to see that each of these blogs attracts an entirely different public and a group of followers, which may even vary if we further dive into the subcategories. But let’s leave this topic for later.

As above, a lifestyle blog concentrates on interests and activities and finds fun ways to get you into it, while a personal blog finds ways to open up themselves, stories, and their life.

Think of the last time you read a blog post that struck the heart. More than doubtless, the writer opened up and revealed something “intimate” about his life while pouring his heart and soul out, a personal journal. Your first hint that this is a personal blog is that it has this “oozing” emotion. (And that’s absolutely nothing wrong, it’s just not what a writer is a lifestyle blog does typically!)

Note: Sometimes, blogs use their whole site to provide storytelling in every post. Some people use any personal life (food, lifestyle, fashion, crafts, or business). Telling stories is an intense way to make the audience linked, but it focuses mostly on a personal blog.

You might also tell when you go to a blog in lifestyle because many are readable and vivid in a lot of colors.

For a Lifestyle blog, the images need to “pop up” and attract the eye. One approach is for the pictures to be strategically located around the blog.

If you ever find like a lifestyle blog is as distinct from a personal blog, there are some great lifestyle blogs so that you can see the difference through your two eyes! These blogs provide high-level knowledge and realistic guidance on lifestyles. It will help you change your way of living and lead a healthy and happy life.

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