Telegram Vs Whatsapp Controversy Rages but Utopia Remains Untouched 

When it comes to privacy and maintenance of total secrecy, which one is preferable; Telegram or WhatsApp? It is an interesting question that needs to be examined in the light of the matter of privacy. 

Over the issue of Telegram Vs WhatsApp, different arguments are being forwarded by various persons putting in their respective arguments on the Pros and Cons of both the systems. 

This issue undoubtedly is intriguing. Using various parameters, the supporters of Telegram has dubbed it as the best platform. On the other hand, users of WhatsApp stood by its intrinsic values. 

Let us examine the issue of Telegram Vs WhatsApp in its real perspective.  

Telegram Vs Whatsapp War of Words & Utopia

Arguments and counter-arguments as to which one is better Telegram or WhatsApp had been going on for several years now without any concrete proof of their respective superiority.  

Meanwhile, the wonder app Utopia came in between the two systems warring against each other. Utopia made a robust presence as an alternative to any other messenger. 

One of the primary reasons for Utopia’s success is its total guarantee in keeping your chat, conversation and messaging safe with no question of data theft or security breach. 

Criticism of WhatsApp

In the opinion of Pavel Durov who created the Telegram app, WhatsApp as a messenger is vulnerable as it has certain technical loopholes that cannot guarantee secrecy in totality.

WhatsApp messenger, Pavel Durov claimed, has constructional technical vulnerabilities that create “backdoors” for a security breach or do not allow total secrecy. He argued the WhatsApp messenger’s protection layer has some weaknesses. 

Pavel Durov staked the claim that Telegram, a free, cross-platform messenger for mobile and other devices, is the safest bet as it seals the way of breaching the privacy of chat. 

It is due to the reason that Telegram allows the exchange of text messages and pictures, videos, and audio protecting background or information on their origin or source and receiver. Naturally, he argues, it is better than WhatsApp messenger. 

Taking A Look at Telegram 

Telegram messenger was getting used by over 100 million people across the world in 2016. It showed Telegram was quite popular. However, it was being criticized by several experts engaged in the messaging domain. 

The critics pointed out that Telegram was nothing but a copied version of WhatsApp. A primary look at both Telegram and WhatsApp shows they are almost on the same line with matching technical features. 

But the reality is that Telegram has many features that are absent in WhatsApp thus making it superior. 

To be realistic, both the systems may have relative advantages and disadvantages, but Utopia remains outside the controversy proving its effectiveness and mass acceptability. Besides, Utopia so far has not encountered any such controversy. 

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