It Will Take Las Vegas Years to Recover

Things have gone from bad to worse over in Las Vegas in recent months, there has been a huge decrease in the number of people taking a vacation there, and with international air travel still not available to or from the U.S.A. and unlikely to change and be restored any time soon, things are not going to get better for many business owners based there for the foreseeable future.

There are of course people still paying a visit to Vegas, however many casino resorts are now suspending their accommodation services during midweek and are only opening at the weekends.

It is also worth noting that December is the quietest month of the year for Las Vegas and as such it is going to be even quieter there next month. Hopefully though if things do start to improve, which it is looking likely they will do, then Vegas will have a chance of recovering and business owners may start to see an increase in visitors and therefore more customers, well, let’s hope they do.

Plenty of Floor Space to Enable Social Distancing

The on thing that may just be the saving grace so to speak for many Las Vegas based casinos, is that most if not all of them do have a huge amount of floor space, especially those that are located on the Las Vegas Strip.

Therefore, it should be easy enough of them to remodel their gaming floors in such a way that customers visitors those venues can and will be able to social distance with great ease.

However, there is going to have to be and already is in fact. a sharp increase in cleaning staff on duty morning noon and night to ensure each slot machine and gaming table is cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Plus, staff will have to also be on hand to ensure that people do wear masks if needed and adhere to any additional local rules and regulations too.

The online gambling environment has of course not been as severely affected as the land-based gaming industry and many players have chosen to gamble online as opposed to taking any chances regarding visiting a casino in person.

But as is always the case anyone considering gambling online should ensure they are able to control their gambling activities and gamble in a  responsible way, and anyone who does experience any problems gambling should consider using the service of GamStop to self-exclude themselves from all UK based casino sites, whilst also checking out Non GamStop Casino listings recommended by Online Casino UK Helper online and also excluding themselves from those sites too.

The End of the Hated Resort Fees?

Resort Fees have of course become the norm for most Las Vegas based casino resorts, and they can and will massively increase the cost of a room or suite once they are added onto your bill at the end of your stay.

The only way to get them removed from your bill is for you to get yourself a casino host, and of course gamble at the casino resort you are staying at, however many people tend to shy away from doing so and just pay up at the end of their visit to Vegas.

There has always been complaints from those hit with resort fees, for the services they are added onto a bill for include things such as the use of a Gym or Swimming Pool, Wi-Fi during your stay and other things people rarely if ever make use of.

If any casino resort in Vegas was to do away with resort fees that would surely lead to an increase in the number of people choosing to stay at their venue, however that is unlikely to happen for casino operators use those fees to increase the income they generate and would hate the idea of losing that very easy and lucrative income stream.

We can of course always live in hope that at least one operator will take the bold and innovative step to get rid of them, and that could lead to others doing the same, however being as reluctant as they are to abolish resort fees, it is difficult to see a time when they will no long be part and parcel of a stay to Sin City.

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