What is a dedicated bare metal server?

Shared hostings are the initial step for those SMEs that want to start gaining visibility on the network. But this brings with it several problems. As soon as the company begins to grow, the space of a shared hosting remains small while, if the number of visits is high, this level of hosting will remain too scarce, and the loading time of the web page will be lengthened. This implies the abandonment of the web of an important part of the potential clients interested in the company’s site’s information.

Precisely for these reasons, together with a greater capacity for administration and customization of the contracted services, companies decide to hire their own server. When hiring the servers of a company, two alternatives are proposed; managed and unmanaged servers. But what are the differences between the two?

While both are valid and functional alternatives, a different level of preparation is required to work with each of these servers. A mandatory section to cover is security. The servers need to be permanently updated to guarantee company data protection and the correct functioning of all the software used. There are a wide variety of servers available, one of which is the bare metal server, something we will cover in this article.

Surely you are hearing about “bare metal” servers quite often, and if you got here, we would also assume that you are wondering what they are about. When you finish reading this article, you will understand what they are, their main characteristics, and what differentiates them from other types of servers.

What are bare metal servers?

If we stick to the literal translation of the terms “bare metal” we would say they mean: “bare metal.” And if we stick to its meaning, we can say that servers are called this way, alluding to pure hardware.

To simplify the concept, we could say that a bare metal server is a specialized variant of a dedicated server prepared to work in the public, private, or hybrid cloud. It is a machine that you can use in any way you need to adapt to your projects; in this sense, it is an incomparable servant.

Like a dedicated server, bare metal is offered for the exclusive use of a single client so that its performance is capable of meeting its highest demands.

Characteristics of a bare metal server

A bare metal brings together a set of features designed to get together and offer the best in terms of administration and management of servers.

Among its many advantages, we will mention the following:

– It is implemented without any software or virtualization layer.

– You enjoy full access to disk space and 100% of its resources.

– It can be run in isolation, connected to a local server, or integrated to create environments that combine private and public cloud.

– You will have a large volume of data and a vast bandwidth capacity (practically unlimited).

– It allows installing a Windows or Linux Ubuntu server operating system: the version dedicated exclusively to be used on servers.

– Supports the installation of Plesk or cPanel control panels for autonomous management.

– Great performance. By not sharing your resources with neighboring customers, you won’t have to worry about them wasting them.

– It is a reliable and secure server, as it allows data and applications to be completely isolated.

– It allows the inclusion of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and it is possible to add up to 256 additional IP addresses.

– And, of course, it offers greater privacy than a virtual server.

The different uses of this dedicated server

Website hosting and e-commerce platforms

If you have a website with excellent growth prospects or an e-commerce store, a bare metal server is the best solution you can find for your hosting. The reasons? No other server type will offer you greater reliability, privacy, resources, and scalability as your site grows.

Business applications (ERP and CRM)

Companies place great value on the use of specialized applications when optimizing their production processes, accounting, and dealing with the client. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems require great power to run your retail applications properly. A dedicated bare metal server then becomes a great solution, as it does not have any limitations.


If your goal is to build a virtualization project, you won’t find a better solution than that offered by a bare metal server since you will have all the RAM and CPU you need to make your virtual machines work optimally.

Hosting a game server like Minecraft

As everyone knows, gamers can become users with high demands on server performance; they are people who expect to be able to play without downtime or latency.

While each game is unique, most modern games use the RAM’s full power instead of using the CPU. In any case, a bare metal server is the ideal performance-price option for hosting demanding game applications such as Minecraft, among others.

And you, are you considering hiring a dedicated server? What do you think of bare metal?

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